Tademos and Vinsi

Name(s): Tademos and Vinsi
Titles: the Twins of Heart, the Illuminated Duo, the Twin Fireflies, the Fireflies
Alignment: both NG
Portfolio: Tademos: Platonic Love, Vinsi: Romantic Love, both: Love, Happiness, Productivity, Romance, Courtship, Soulmates
Domains: Community, Luck, Dream
Realm: Istara’s Field

Patron of Lovers and Close Friends
Cleric Training: Priests and Priestesses receive little training, generally taking up positions because of a natural kindness and empathy, an inborn bond with the Fireflies (essentially a soulbond), and an ability with crafts. There are very few specific priests of Tademos and Vinsi, but there is very little lack of faith in their existance. Any powerful clerics of these gods would be out to encourage freedom of association and love, or matchmaking, or such, or protecting romances and friendships gone afoul of some trial, or protecting the injured with typical empathy and kindness. Many have side or secondary jobs, sometimes even working in the temples of other gods (though not as clerics). Whatever they are doing, however, they are likely to have a sunny, indefeatable can-do attitude.
Philosophy The bond of love between two hearts is real and strong, far stronger than animal lust or primal hate. It is a soul bond. It is a force that can bind a broken universe together. It is more beautiful than any treasure of Earth, Air, Fire, or Water. It is something worth inspiring, nurturing and protecting. At all costs.
Worshippers: In every culture where love and friendship can exist, there are small temples and shrines to the Fireflies, staffed by a priestess or priest who is often the local matchmaker. Small offerings are left, prayers are said, and there is often nothing special about these temples.
Prayers: Prayers for success in love and friendship, proclamations of love, tears over social misunderstandings, outpourings of feelings… all these serve as prayers to the Fireflies. They are not choosy, as long as you speak from your heart.
Rituals vary by culture and user, but they commonly involve crafting and some sort of light source, representative of a prayer for love or such. The meaning varies slightly, but the concept is always similar: craft a representation of the person or emotion, and light it in some way. This is illustrated by a common Aradothean ritual where, if someone is romantically enamored with someone else but are having trouble, they pray for luck by crafting a candle and a lantern screen, placing it in the temple, and lighting the cantle. The candle often has a wax design, either the name of the target person or a design of wax representing the person. The lamp screen serves to make the temple prettier and to obscure the name.
However, mediation rituals exist, though ‘ritual’ is not entirely an apt term. It is the use of divine power to aid in the resolution of a fight between close friends and lovers.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Bachantus, Alyssa, Galderos, Mirael, Suye, Ayurlon, Rinuli, Doeli, Istara, the Weather Quartet, Yura)
(Gods Hated: Nyrevin, Fuuca, Niatha Moraven, Daggarth, Vikin, All of the Blight Dukes except for Atmi-Lasoathim, who they are neutral towards)

Symbols: A Firefly standing atop it’s shadow
Known Relics:
Rings of Soulbinding: These twin rings cause an empathic connection to grow between it’s wearers, who are compelled to seek each other out and court either a romantic or platonic friendship. The rings do not come off, and thus the compulsion does not end, until the two manage to forge some sort of relationship. The wearers will constantly be bothered by dreams featuring that person, sexual or otherwise, and will find it difficult to get the other person out of their head. The Rings are intelligent and do communicate with each other, and decide when they will let go.

Favored Weapon Shortbow (Vinsi) and Chikiri (Tademos)

Favored Appearance:
Their favored appearance is of humanoids, about 4 feet tall. Their skin is like Rose Quartz in texture, clarity, and coloration, though it appears as flexible as flesh. Their heads are covered with a mane of fine hair, colored orange-red for Tademos and Yellow-orange for Vinsi, worn loosley around their shoulders in a chaotically falling mane. Their eyes are white glowing and pupiless, seeming to exist as part of their sculpted features.
Their hands and feet are three-fingered, their feet arranged as fleshy/crystalline talons, and on their back they have long pale translucent silver elytra and gossamer wings.
Two antennae spring from their heads, clubbed at the end and lit by a bright pink light.

Tademos and Vinsi are similar in personality, to the point where they almost seem to be the same god. They are energetic and hyperactive, coordinating everything perfectly to the point where they finish each other’s sentences. They are close, very close, and are never apart.
They rarely talk directly with mortals, preferring to work through their soulbound priestly intermediaries, but are chatty when they do. They know very little, so little knowledge is to be gained in these conversations. However, they have insight into the complicated social nature of mortal humanoids and others, and are happy to help untangle any mess. This is because they hate conflict and love to be consiliatory. They often mediate disputes between gods, acting as bearers of goodwill and inpartiality, even to gods they dislike.
They are also fond of fiction of all types, and will occasionally visit novelists and writers of particularly good or interesting books, usually to complement them but often to have the books read to them. Of course, they adore tales of romance and tragedy, but mystery and adventures of all genres interest them. Providing a new and amusing book at a temple would surely garner a lot of favor for that worshipper.

Tademos and Vinsi

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