Name(s): Tak-Atun
Titles: The Corrupter, the Lord of Decay, The Storm’s Unbrother, the Dark Serpent, Diseaselord, The Defiler, the Covetious
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Disease, Despair, Corruption, Evil, Aging, Entropy, Envy
Domains: Undeath, Evil, Madness
Realm: The Realm of Blight: The Foul Pits

Patron of Necromancers, Plaguebearers, Those who turn pure intentions into evil intentions
Cleric Training: Clerics of Tak-Atun must prove that they are capable of and take delight or satisfaction of some sort in the corruption and misery of others. To turn good to evil (and sometimes evil to good, though this is rare), to ruin purity, to destroy innocence… that is their goal and what they must prove. After proving this, training consists of continuing what they have been doing, corrupting and so on, and there is no set rank or structure. Power and amount of corruption perpetrated are the only rankings needed.
Philosophy Things must Rot, things must decay. Heart, mind, body, soul… all will decay. Even gods. Decay, and become corrupted shadows of themselves, rotting husks. It is inevitable, and exhilerating… Isn’t it.
Worshippers: Necromancers often either worship him or Ferith-Null, and revolutionaries of shady sorts often have cults within their ranks to him. Others that worship him include militant and nasty druids, sadists, evil advisors, and spread out clerics who seek to spread the seeds of corruption and decay through the world and into the hearts and minds of people.
Prayers: Prayers to the Defiler tend to be disturbing, mad affairs, sometimes dissolving into mad laughter. They are, however quiet, insidiously so, the words slipping into the mind like slime and sitting there, dark whispers that corrupt and poison the thoughts of those listening. Typically, they are praises to the Defiler or the usual requests for luck in corrupting ventures.
Rites: Ritualized rape, often of a virgin, and the sacrifice of an animal, usually white, are common traits of Tak-atuinin rituals. Also common is the ritual decaying of something beautiful such as a flower and the raising of diseased undead warriors. Other than whatever structuring and ritual suits the time and purpose effectively, and so long as it’s done with the proper amount of reverence and appreciation of the grotesque processes and goals, rituals tend to be unique and chaotic.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Sort of Nyrevin, but though he agrees that Entropy and the life cycle should happen, he even seeks to corrupt and pervert death. He is also allied heavily with Tung-Arieth.)
(Gods Hated: just about everyone else, however Atmi-Lasoathim and Doeli are not hated, but considered too pure and in need of corruption, Ferith-Null is a rival, and Vikin… is considered a success. )

Symbols: a half sillhouette of a serpent’s fanged, open-mouthed, white skull on a circular background of black, with green patterning along the edge not taken up by the snake skull
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Blowgun, Greater Blowgun, and the Sickle

Favored Appearance:
Tak-Atun’s favored form is that of a great blackened skeletal serpent with a ratty feathery crest and tail tuft made of scruffy feathers that ripple with murky, oily color like soot or the colors that dance on an oil slick. His fang-filled mouth drips with corrosive venom that hisses and spits even before it drips to the ground, his tongue a tongue of disturbing green fire. His eyes are gem-like red sparks in deep-dark eye sockets that change color as he wishes. Wings of corroding green flames flicker lazily from his skeletal, undulating form.
He has an alternate form, which is essentially his favored form somehow grafted into the body of a gigantic putrid fleshy tiger. The head and tail are skeletal and serpentine, with their mane of unkempt feathers, and the wings flicker out from the body in a stream of ethereal and cold fire. However the blackened and skeletal serpent’s spine protrudes from a rancid and rotten furred tiger’s body, either plump with the gasses of decay or disembowled, foul entrails trailing behind him in a soup of black slime and disgusting organs. He is patchy-pelted but brightly colored like a wasp, and his gigantic paws are tipped with cruel, barbed claws, poisoned with potent acid that burns through metal and stone.

Tak-Atun delights in the corruption and staining of the purity of the prime. He hates creation with a passion and seeks only to sow the seeds of anarchy and chaos and break apart the intricate beauty of the Prime realm with decay and entropy. He takes pleasure in seeing good intentions turn awry and become foul, and in seeing beautiful things become perverted.
His serpent’s voice is insidious, worming its way into the souls of mortals and immortals alike, convincing and evil, slimy and soft, tempting and gloating. He knows how easy it is to snare a soul into his grasp, to stain and blight it until it no longer resembles the original except as a twisted shadow.
But, at the same time, he covets that which he takes away. He desires beauty and purity, he finds them attractive, he craves them. But these are the very things he destroys and devours, and his hunger is never sated.
Reports of godborn of him are many and terrifying, but often unfounded.


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