Takai (Now Called Nissians)

Lifespan: Adulthood starts after their rite of passage, average lifespan: 45-50, or 75-100 if ascended. Time moves strangely in the spirit realm however so some nissians on their quests barely age at all.

The Nissians, once called the Takai, were a peaceful scholarly people living in the forests of the Granitefall mountains, in the land once called Baadalupa. Their patron goddess, Nyrevin goddess of Death and Rebirth, gifted them with spirit guides who guided and protected them.
their culture viewed both life and death as sacred things necessary for balance, and viewed spiritual enlightenment as the true goal of life. Because of this, many elements of their society revolve/revolved around the concept of Questions and Answers. They often found themselves at odds with other living races, who seemed more concerned with physical bodily things, so they isolated themselves in their mountain retreats and monastaries and temples.
Due to their natural curiousity and wonder at the world, they would be occasionally found in the hubs of knowledge and culture, such as Palmyra and Bachan, however few if any members of the other living races ever entered their cloud forests of Badaalupa. The Dryads kept the most contact with them, and relations were extremely friendly.
At some point before the settlement of Chiconis by the Helian exiles, many Takai were visited in their dreams by Nyrevin, who warned them that danger would arrive and that she wished to draw them close to her bosom for a time.
They were unsure of what it meant, even after much debate among the enlightened elders of their civilization. Eventually, they asked their friends the Dryads.
The Dryads, not wanting their friends to leave the prime, refused.
But they saw the great distress upon the delicate bird people and aquiesced, forcing them to promise however that they would return at some point. Of that they were assured. The visions had implied it as a temporary measure, though temporary on diety terms.
The dryads found a way to use the natural affinity of the Nissians for the spirits of the dead to open a portal to the realm of spirits and, smoothed over by divine interference, were able to relocate the entire cloud forests to the realm of spirits, a bubble of the living in a sphere of the resting dead.
The portal remained open in some small ruins of an old temple that remained at the peak of one of the mountains, later closing for good.
This dimensional shift prepared the dryads for their own later evacuation from the prime, though they chose to relocate Palmyra to the rift.

The Nissians lived a long time in the world of spirits, living and dead side by side in harmony. Their unique position of living in a divine realm granted them many advantages, such as a direct line to their Goddess and, for the more powerful older, enlightened members of their race, interplanar travel.
They gathered information about the living world from the spirits that entered that realm. When the Aegis appeared, they were mortified at what they heard from other spirits… and at the cruelties they saw from their side of the veil. Their elders determined that the plight of the unfortunate souls under control of the aegis was now the ‘Question’ for the species, that they must find an answer to in order to be able to return. whether this was Nyrevin’s actual intent is unclear, her motives usually are, but they set many of their number to work studying the undead.

at around AR: 39, the dryads reopened the portal in the mountains, allowing the cloud forests to once again cover the sides with surprising (or not) speed. the Nissians emerged and built a small called Sikhnikija, twin to Badaalupa, which was still in the spirit realm where many of their number still dwelt.

From here they made their presence known, first to the Dryads and then to the Helians of Chiconis.

Their population is sparse and consists entirely of Adolescents and Adults. the children (chicks) are exclusively raised in the spirit realms, where they will be safe, and sent though at around the age of 8-10 to learn what they can and find their Question.

They are inquisitive people, very calm and generally noncombative. They know that they would be of no use on the front lines- they are skilled, but significantly more delicate than the other living races, and while they cannot be raised from the dead by the Aegis, they also cannot be raised by friendly clerics.

They are easy to please, and love nothing more than learning something new, except maybe shiny objects such as jewelery or finely crafted swords.
Each nissian on this side of the portal carries a sword or sometimes two of unique and ancient make, representative of their spirit companions that accompany them their whole lives. These swords are passed down through the family, and they prefer things with a bit of history though they will not turn down the gift of a new finely wrought sword.

They spend their time meditating, exploring, researching, aiding researchers, and writing poetry. They also are teachers.

There has been some rumor, from the battlegrounds of Harro, of an elite team of nissians with cold hearts and eyes, almost unfeeling and unafraid of death. Other than the fact that they wear, on their kimonos, a standard of white on black, little is known.

They are playable, but you have to ask me and we’d need to talk

Takai (Now Called Nissians)

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