The Hall of Ancestors

Name: The Hall of Ancestors

Power: Aligned with Brobbet: Law and Order, Honor, and Family. LN,LG

Adjacent Realms: Istara’s Field, Spirit Realm

Acessible: Not acessable from the Prime except by permission of Brobbet

A vast cavern-like hall in the style of dwarvish architecture, every vaulted ceiling the size of a mountain, every flaw in the living rock emphasized and brought out to great beauty, every gallery a work of austere art. Statues line the halls and depths of this heroic plane, where Dwarves and individuals of great heroism and fairness, or having great favor with Brobbet, the god of the plane, may go upon death.
Everything here is magnificent, but in a serious sort of way, unassuming but unforgiving. There is very little in the way of rampant gaiety, but alot in the way of great pride.
Of course, being a dwarven plane/sattellite afterlife, there is drink, and the loud valhalla-style eating hall sits in stark contrast to the stern silence of the rest of the Hall.
While this plane is very hospitable to mortals, they are not encouraged to stay long.

Istara’s Notes:
Well dears, I have to say that, much as I love Brobbet, he can be insufferable at times. I mean, look at his plane. Its so… Orderly.
Personally, I find it dull, but then again, we are polar opposites. Thats kind of the point. I am Chaos, he is Order. I am the Mother he is the Father. Etc, Etc. But Seriously… its so… darn… restrictive!
I have tried to visit him, he is technically my consort after all, but I just cant stand it. It just feels wrong to me, like I just can’t exist properly there. I hate being restrained, I love to let my creativity flow and explode from me in waves on inspiration. And being on that plane feels like I am being crushed under all of that stone.
ugh. Orderly planes.
Anyway, Its a perfectly nice place for mortals to hang around in, and there is plenty of space, but alot of the dead dwarves that decided to come there instead of staying in the Spirit Realm get very upset for some reason at the living. They get upset at me too.
I mean, seriously. They can’t take a joke. It was just one Banana peel!
Ugh… Dwarves…

The Hall of Ancestors

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