The Laceveil

Name: The Laceveil

Power: Time

Adjacent Realms: Dreamveil

Acessible: Only by certain routes or by active transport through the dreamveil or by a god

The Laceveil is an abandoned Divine realm, a harkening back to the time before the Cataclysm. It is subject to non-linear time, alternating between it’s days of glory and ruin of the present. Pockets of stilled time lie between pockets of normal time and seas of temporal storms. Strange and beautiful plants grow and fade. at the center is an impossible palace surrounded by a huge moat, passable only by the bridge or by boat. It is the only truly stable thing, as between the temporal storms and stilling and waves and eddies, and the morphic nature of the plane itself, the landscape is in constant flux, into new shapes and old shapes. The palace alternates between beauty and ruination, echoing with voices past and future. No one, mortal or immortal, has entered since the event known as the Cataclysm occurred.
Fauna and flora are either frozen in time, bizzarely beautiful (often glowing, iridescent, and lace-like, hence the name), or immigrants from the nearby Dreamveil.
The gods, since the are unable to control the plane without the god that once ruled it, rarely visit for very long (though that is of course relative) and mainly stay to the periphery. Mortals will find it quite hospitable, however the warped time can cause interesting scenarios, like returning to find the world shifted years into the/a future, or to the past… or even millenia. Or seconds. Or moments. Nobody has even visited the palace on the island beyond the moat, not since the early parts of the cataclysm, but it is likely the most unstable place at all.

Istara’s Notes:
This plane brings back memories. Sweet memories, of Mynvashi, my dear, dear son. Painful memories of the chaos of the cataclysm, too. I rarely had motive to explore this realm, and now it is treacherous even for me. I remember it as being a strange realm of ethereal beauty and strangeness, where time did funny things. But my Son always knew how to handle it so that everyone was comfortable. He was, after all, the god of time. Of Dreams and Love, too. Love would be his undoing.
I… Don’t want to talk about it, dears, forgive me.
Either way, I have not had oppurtunity to explore the strange twisted warped mess that it is now, and I am concerned that the time-warping qualities would cause me to be removed from linear time, and that upon my return I would find that the world had been forced to move an entire millennia without me. And you need me, now more than ever. Maybe when this war is done I can set about repairing it and trying to restore a god to it again. If only I could remember how to bring that about without sending waves of discord through reality.
Only then, when someone is in charge of this realm, can I let you dears through.
I’m… I’m sorry, my dears, I… need to sit down and… think for a bit…

The Laceveil

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