The Land of Clouds

Name: The Land of Clouds, or the Cloudlands

Power: Associated with Merrasat and Weather gods such as Kaasha,???; Weather and Sky. CN

Adjacent Realms: the Realms of the Prime, Nightlit, Sunsands/Sunforest, Istara’s Field, Rift, Air

Acessible: At specific old temples in the Prime, from the Sunsands and the Field but not from Nightlit or the Rift. It can, however, access the skies above each realm. Air feeds directly into this realm almost seamlessly.

An endless plane of clouds and sky, where the dancing clouds are dense enough to walk on and floating is the norm. Mist floes and cracking static, as well as breezes chill and warm caress this ever shifting plane. It is home to various intelligent storm elementals whose cities are as mutable as their plane. Weather of all sorts can be found here, and reflects weather patterns in the area or plane that the region of the cloudlands is corresponding to.
It is unique in that its’s adjacent planes are visible, as if looking at them from above. Other, non adjacent planes are visible as being too far away to reach.
It is fairly hospitable to mortals, and small pockets of mortals live with the elementals or in their own settlements in the clouds. Most of these mortals are, by this point, at least part storm elemental.

Istara’s Notes:
Did you know that the weather systems of many of the realms are connected? Yes Dears, this plane of clouds doesn’t just rule the weather of the prime, it also rules the weather of divine realms too! I personally think that it is great fun to watch the worlds float by and know that you can see everything from there. Then of course, you get startled out of this revelry by sudden hailstorms, but that only adds to the fun, dearies!

The Land of Clouds

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