The Moon

Name: The Moon

Power: none. It is simply the moon.

Adjacent Realms: Nightlit, Daylit, Land of Clouds, Voidscape, the Prime

Acessible: There is a Legendary grove of bamboo in Xin that can be used to travel to the moon. Travel to and from the moon (IE, the Usi-O Comet Tribe’s means of travel)can only occur during the full moon. Portals can be open from Nightlit and Daylit, and the Voidscape surrounds it.

The Moon is the only divine plane that is material and coexisting with the Prime. it orbits Istaria, absorbing and reflecting the power of the sun. It is home to the celestial Comet Tribe of the Usi-o, and to the god of the Usi-o, the moon, and the Nightlit and Daylit creatures that serve as the spies of the gods, Suye or Shu-Yin-Wei. It is the most mortal of the planes, the most place-like of them all, consisting of an ethereal landscape that, while sparse by Prime comparisons, is able to support the life on it. it is no paradise, but it is at least passable. Works of great beauty can be wrought here, as can things that will never be seen by living mortal eyes… or even by dead ones.

Istara’s Notes:
The Moon is as much a planetary body as the prime is. We were all very surprised when Suye wanted to make it his realm, but it seems to be working out for him.
Its a good place to visit, the comet tribe and suye are very hospitable, but while they have plenty, they can only support a guest for so long. Do not overstay your welcome if you wish to be welcomed back.

The Moon

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