the Realm of Blight

Name: The Realm of Blight

Power: Blight, the power of corruption and the entropic end of the universe. Governed by the Four Blight Dukes

Acessible: Via blight gates and portals

Description: NA

Istara’s Notes:
I’m sorry, dearies, I wish I could tell you about this realm, especially since you have to deal with it and we have to deal with it, but the plane attacked my essence. I could only gather a sample here and there before I was forced to flee. I do not know if it was always like that, I never had much reason to go there before the Cataclysm and before the Withered Aegis. Honestly, I dislike even thinking about that place. I’ll study what I have and try again, hopefully better prepared. If you want more information, I suggest talking to a necromancer, but we all know that they are no fun to speak to and slippery as eels. Better off killing them, I say.

the Realm of Blight

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