The Rift

Name: The Rift

Power: Energy, pure and simple. CN

Adjacent Realms: the Prime, The Voidscape, The Spirit Realm, Istara’s Laboratory

Acessible: Via the Peak of Storms and the Gate of Embers in the Prime

The Rift is a relatively new realm of crackling energy storms tearing through an expanse of nothingness, created when the artefact sword Riftrender interacted with the enigmatic half-real being known as the Sleeper. The voidic connection interacted with the Sleeper’s connection to the Font of Istaria and imploded, creating a realm of constant interaction between the matter of Istaria and the nothingness of the Voidscape.
The constant flow and storm of energy would flay and melt the flesh from a mortal body, so travel is best done in an astral form. There are very few solid places in the Rift. However, the Sleeper and Riftrender have created a sort of pocket space within the rift to hold each other captive, and Palmyra is located in a timespace bubble somewhere in the Rift. ‘Where’ is a very difficult question in the Rift, as it follows Dream Logic.
This plane is hostile to mortals, especially those mortals unprepared for the storms that will quickly and easily send them to their death. The Vielo can survive it for a time by temporarily becoming incorporeal and there are rituals and rites to allow others to astrally travel there, but even the Vielo stay for as short a time as they can.

Istara’s Notes:
Honestly, dears, in my adventures in the Istarian universe (and, dare I say, in other universes other than our own… yes, we are not alone out there, but shhh, dont tell the other gods. They get very touchy about this, Hehehe.) This has to be one of my favorite planes. I think it is my naturally chaotic nature that allows me to fit in so well. Of course, dears, I am a god and I can take on a purely essence-based form which is perfect for the Rift, wheras mortals would find it very difficult to emerge alive. Even Brobbet, dear as he is, has some trouble here. Perhaps its the stick up his… Whoops, almost said something nasty there! Wouldn’t want to do that in front of such cute little impressionable mortals, would I? hehehehehehe!

The Rift

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