The Voidscape

Name: The Voidscape

Power: Void, nothingness.

Adjacent Realms: Istaria’s Wellspring, Rift

Acessible: unknown


The voidscape is a vast space of… nothingness. The essence of absence, the opposite of all existance.
It is an excellent transitional realm, as it is easy to go from it to another realm, that is… if you can survive being in nothing for a time.

Istara’s Notes:
Nothingness is nothingness. Nothingness to me is like an endless blank canvas for me to create upon. It balances out the prime and the realms nicely. you would think, dears, that I would hate it, being a god of Everything and it being a plane of Nothing. But I don’t. I really don’t. the Blight realms, I don’t like.
But this?
I see it as sort of… the envelope for Istaria. Separating us from whats out THERE.
Yes, dears. I am of the belief that this creation, our istaria, our prime and planes… is not all there is to this universe. Reality is a tricky thing, darlings. Very tricky. I am certain that I am not the only being that the Font of Reality has spawned, not the only elemental of reality out there. And thus our Istarian Realities are not the only layered realities out there.
The question is, sweethearts… how do we find out what lies beyond the Void?
What could it be? Could there be other worlds like our own? Could there be other Gods? Could there be entities of science or madness beyond my comprehension? Could there… be stars?
I dearly want to explore and find out myself, but you keep me so busy!
There was a time when, in the course of my portal experiments, I was able to traverse the threads of existance, and I ended up in places far beyond my power and influence- that is, out of Istaria.
But all too soon I have to cut it short to return to you, my students and children, and to my experiments and to the other gods because we all know that they are terrible at running things on their own.
But oh…
The things I have seen on even those breif sojourns. It only piques my curiousity for what else could be out there.
Ah well, such is the life of a god. Too busy for looking outside the box. Maybe when this whole Withered Aegis thing is cleared up… Maybe then You and I can have some wonderful adventures.
i hope

The Voidscape

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