The Wild Realm

Name: The Wild Realm, Wildern

Power: Nature in all of it’s raw, elemental vibrant glory

Adjacent Realms:Sunsands/Sunforest, Font of Istaria, the Elemental Planes, the Realms of the Prime

Acessible: a few Druidic Relics in the Prime lead here, as do a few other portals.

Description: A vast forest clashing with a roiling ocean and vivid grasslands, cresting on deserts. Every biome of the Prime can be found here in it’s epitomy- its greatest purest state. Every plant grows huge, every animal grows to a majesty that their Prime counterparts could never know. Paths form and vanish within a blink of an eye, wines grow and shrink. Things are born, and things die. All in the endless rhythm of life and the hunt.
In this realm, Galderos, Alyssa, and their children Ayurlon and Rinuli make their home, tending for and stalking the creatures that share it with them. This realm represents the primal beauty of nature, the vibrant ideal that Alyssa sought that Nyrevin seemed to ruin. It is an endless spring and summer here, and the night is always full of sound and eyes.
It is hospitable to mortals that know what they are doing, and hostile to mortals who oppose the gods that reside here.

Istara’s Notes:
Not a bad place to visit, dearies, if you know how to handle yourself. Those four aren’t much about hospitality, so if you are invited to their table consider yourself lucky, because normally they consider hospitable to mean not hunting you for that table. Of course, dears, they invite me. They can’t exactly hunt their mother, now can they?
I would win. I DO have technology and sheer cunning on my side. This crafty old biddy won’t be beaten yet, hehehehehe!
Anyway, the weather is pleasant enough, especially if you can find shelter, and I can assure you that any mortal who likes the outdoors will be perfectly happy on this plane.
Just make sure you can leave, dears, and don’t get too lost!

The Wild Realm

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