Name(s): Tung-Arieth, Tyung, Ungorh
Titles: The Lord of Demons, Demonking, The Duke of Destruction, the Crusher, the Mountain God
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Blight, Demons, Monsters, Destruction, the Beastial nature of things, Cruelty, Torture, Ritual
Domains: Death, Strength, Fire
Realm: The Realm of Blight: The Tarnished Fortress

Patron of Tyrants, Conquerers, and the Demonkind that inhabit the blight realm.
Cleric Training: Training for disciples of Tung-Arieth is cruel and brutal, but very simple. They must destroy and dominate until they prove themselves worthy of his notice and patronage.
Philosophy Crush them with force and dicipline, let no one live. If you leave any living, bring them with you and crush their souls. Make them scream. Then kill them.
Worshippers: The demons in the Realm of Blight worship him as their king and top general. On the Prime, barbaric tribes sometimes worship him, but are often frustrated away by his strict code of discipline. He has some following in the civilized lands, usually warrior cults who adhere to such a code. These organizations can be on just about any side of a conflict, there are even some similar ones operating in empire-controlled Aradoth, fighting ironically on the side of the living races. However, these organizations tend to be secretive and exclusive, protecting their identities from the rest of the world. The warring Formians and Abeils of Pastao worship him as the personification of their endless war, and he is occasionally revered as a god of disciplined warfare alongside Daggarth and sometimes Brobbet, though this has fallen out of practice in Aradoth due to the war.
Prayers: Prayers to Tung-Arieth tend to take the form of a growling chant, often in some form of Blightlander speech. The Chant is often synchronized or in a choiral form. The words differ from worship site to worship site, but they are usually simple praising. Sometimes, though, the words themselves have no meaning, and are given such by the rhythm of the chant.
Rites: Blood sacrifices, often of a comerade or comerades, are given before any military endeavor, and brutal punishments are carried out in his temples or shrines with great and cruel ritual. Training is also often a religious rite practiced in the temple, and breeds tough soldiers, forged in training as ingenious as it is cruel and harsh… and deadly.
In the realm of blight, such rites are often carried out in his presence.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Respect (where it is due)
Tactics and Strategy
(Gods Allied: he is allied with the other blight dukes, and, though they are his enemy, he has a deep respect for Daggarth, Niatha Moraven, Brobbet, and Galderos. Somewhat less so for Merrasat.)
Undisciplined fighters
Bad Planning
Bending Rules
Sneaks (though he employs them somewhat)
(Gods Hated: Istara, Alyssa, Suye, Bachantus, Yura, Doeli, Nyrevin)

Symbols: a stylized kwellen head with tusks and horns. It is on a green backdrop with a corona of green fire. The eyes are the background color, as if they were holes, so they are simply eye-shapes of flame-green.
Known Relics:
Tung Render: A Huge Shimalo’Koa made of Tung-Arieth’s own fangs, which he ripped from himself in an example of discipline. It is made of the wood of one of the few Flora of the blight realm, and was bathed in the blood of a thousand slaughtered demons,who died in a great skirmish long ago, and has the souls of those who died in that great battle bound into every grain and slashing surface. It is a dark weapon, with symbols seeming to both be engraved and to crawl on it’s surface. The teeth are curved in twisted, black ways. It seems to almost sizzle with cruel energies, the energies of blight and of the wrath of Its creation. The Render of Tung is only given out to warriors who are devoted to Tung-Arieth, and who he considers strong enough to be his champion. It deals damage to its user, a perfect test of their discipline. Any who try to wield it who are not this chosen champion find it incredibly heavy and are unable to do more than carry it. Those who try to wield it and are enemies of the chosen wielder or of Tung-Arieth take negative levels (while in contact with it) and 2d6 damage/hour in contact with it and are also unable to do more than carry it. Its stats are: 2-handed weapon, 6 to attack rolls, 3d6 damage + 2d6 unholy damage +2d6 vicious (1d6 damage to wielder).
Favored Weapon Shimalo’koa (10gp 1d6 for Small Size 1d8 for Med Size 19-20/x2, 3lb -light melee weapons
Slashing), essentially a hard piece of wood or (some other light wieldable substance) studded with rows of the teeth of ferocious beasts, often carnivorous monsters, animals (such as sharks), or demons. It is known for tearing it’s foes to pieces with these teeth as it is wielded.
Favored Appearance:
Tung-Arieth tends to appear as a great kwellen with massive tusks, horns, and paws. His wings blaze with dark black-green flames that threaten to devour all around him, and his tail is barbed with long, thick serrated spines. A crown of pewter rests on his head and sparkles maliciously with gems of compressed, screaming souls. He wears armor that gleams steel-silver and is stained with the blood of countless mortals and demons. He does not have any other forms.

Tung-Arieth is all about cruelty and discipline. He wont hesitate to torture, whether they be friend or foe, human or demon, or even necessitate torturing. He is somewhat honorable, and loves a good duel against a challenging opponent. Usually he fights to the death, delighting in both the challenge and the kill. Although immortal, he will accept defeat. Usually.
He is rarely a liar or dishonest, and believes in straightforwardness. If he is going to kill you, aside from torturing you, he won’t dance about it. He will kill you.
He appreciates similar straightforwardness in kind, as well as kindred spirits in general. This is his excuse for parleys, an oppurtunity to show his respect to disciplined and intelligent generals who oppose him. Before killing them and having them reanimated, of course.
As for godborn and the like, blight dukes have trouble with the creation aspect and Tung has the unique problem of accidentally murdering mortals he tries to impregnate (never the ones he rapes, though, they survive… usually. He only rapes purely as some obscure ritual whose origin has been forgotten even for him). He CAN however infuse his essence on a willing pregnant mother, infant, or couple so long as the proper rites have been preformed. Godblooded lines from Tung Arieth are, however, either nonexistant or very rare or obscure, and records of godblooded or godborn from him are patchy and unreliable.


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