Twilight Realm

Name: Twilight Realm

Power: Associated with Niatha Moraven; Magic Power, Ensnaring, Avarice, Cold. NE

Adjacent Realms: Spirit Realm, Nitelit, Rift, Water, The Prime Realms

Acessible: Via any of the adjacent realms, Dreamveil, The Kirasanct portal, ???

Niatha Moraven’s realm is an infinite tundra of crystalline ice columns and formations, pure white soft stone, and glaciers that burn bright blue. Magical energy pulses in, under, and within the ice crystals of this realm, and in the webs of the spider-like inhabitants.
Niatha’s palace is built of glacial ice in a way that seems impossible, but the impossible is possible in her realm, if she allows it. The castle seems to have an inner pulse, the pulsing heartbeat of magic… or something far more sinister. The carpeting is the color of blood with bright blue ridges, and her servants, the spider-women, watch all visitors with appraising, hungry eyes.
The realm is vast, not necessarily infinite but as yet unexplored by mortals. It is filled with ice, traps, labrinths, and danger. Strange creatures lurk here, and strange energies flow here, waiting to be tapped. The landscape is greatly shifting, making this a somewhat inhospitable plane to mortals, particularly if they do not have the permission of the Queen of Envy herself.

Istara’s Notes:
Dearies, I’m not saying not to go here, but I will tell you to take care. Niatha’s Realm is full of all sorts of handy magical goodies if you know where to look, how to get them, and can handle them. That one doesnt take well to her things being taken either, so again, dearies, be careful. I recommend that before sneaking into her realm and taking lovely magical things that you get backing from a god. And even with that, dears, its a treacherous realm. I swear the thing delights in tricking poor unsuspecting mortals (and gods) into traps and situations and the like. But perhaps the prize is worth the trouble, whatever the prize may be.

Twilight Realm

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