Name(s): Tyulok
Titles: Lightningsoul, Stormlord, East Wind
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Lightning, Thunder, Storm, East Wind
Domains: Fire, Weather, Destruction
Realm: Cloudlands

Patron of Artists, stormcallers, Shamans
Cleric Training: Clerics or Shamans of Tyulok must prove themselves by standing at the center of a large storm, reveling in it and dancing with it. It is the only way to truly connect to the thunder god, as they find it difficult to communicate otherwise.
Philosophy When the world seems strange and alien, simply lose yourself in creation and light, in the raw power of nature.
Worshippers: many shamans and barbarian tribes worship Tyulok. Some artists worship Tyulok as well, seeking to capture some of the raw expression of storms.
Prayers: prayers to Tyulok tend to be rhythmic emotional statements, usually in verse, and only sometimes completely intelligable
Dancing with the Thunder is a rite where the worshippers go outside in a fierce storm and dance in it, losing themselves in the beauty of the rain and the power of the lightning.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Yura, Istara, Bachantus)
(Gods Hated: Niatha Moraven, Merrasat, Brobbet, Vikin)

Symbols: a circle, red and yellow, spit by a jagged demarcation and surrounded by a black ouroboros sillhouette.
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Lance

Favored Appearance:
Tyulok is a gigantic serpent with brilliant yellow eyes and a grey crest. They have a feathery underdowning of crimson red, which is also present on the tail tufts. There is an overcoat layer of shimmering gold feathers.

Tyulok is the lord of thunder, but is very quiet and shy. He/she loves the vitality of mortals, and loves to talk with them, but finds it hard to find the words to say. He/she prefers to communicate with thundersong and his/her talent of flight. Tyulok is known for swirling displays of raucous fire, lightning, and sound when they manifest, and Tyulok is the most commonly seen god.
Particularly interesting storms are considered to be communications from them, readable by shamans. Very few, however, realize that they are actually works of art. Dangerous art, but awesome nonetheless.


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