Name(s): Vikin
Titles: The Binder, Lord of Chains
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Defense, Disease, Disease prevention, Overreaction, Binding, Imprisonment
Domains: Inquisition, Artifice, Evil
Realm: Istara’s Field

Patron of Jailors, those who seek to keep the worlds of the Divine and the Prime separate.
Cleric Training: Vikin has no true clerics. His disciples and cults are few in number, and they really only require a lot of complicated paperwork and careful tests to get into.
Philosophy Gods and Mortals are two different opposing forces. They must be kept separated, forever.
Worshippers: Vikin has few worshippers as his main purview is the gods themselves. Those that do worship him usually support his goal of separation, making them especially ironic.
Prayers: There are no set prayers to Vikin and they happen rarely.
Rites: Followers of Vikin tend to do rites designed to limit the gods power, or to bind others. Otherwise, they follow few guidelines.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Brobbet, Nyrevin, Mirael, Ferith-Null, Doeli, the Illuminated Twins)
Divine Influences
(Gods Hated: Istara, Bachantus, the Weather Quartet, Alyssa, Suye. Everybody hates him to some extent though)

Symbols: an iron grey circular background with a bronze chain in the foreground
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Spiked Chain

Favored Appearance:
Vikin is a bronze-colored humanoid, seemingly made of liquid metal, dissolving into chains that clang as clothing and around his ankles. He is often at a desk or behind sheafs of paperwork bound up by chains, eyes glowing pools of bronze and gold.

Vikin is cold and rational, obsessed with paperwork and proper procedure. Gods and mortals alike find him cold and unlikable, and otherwise devoid of any relatable personality.

Except where Tademos and Vinsi are concerned. The Love Twins are the only friends that Vikin can or will admit to having.


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