Name(s): Yantuan
Titles: Windlord, Grey Whisper, Lord of Solitude
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Snakes, West Wind, Wind,
Domains: Air, Weather, Darkness
Realm: Cloudlands

Patron of the Assiri Snakefolk of the SouthEast Jungles, those who seek Solitude
Cleric Training: Assiri clerics are shamans, typically druidic or specialized in nature magic. However , true clerics of Yantuan often find the god in seclusion and train by listening to his voice on the wind in desolate places.
Philosophy Sit alone and watch. The Answer will come.
Worshippers: The Snakefolk worship him, but many other races have small shrines to the god of Wind, in particular the Half giants, who often have shrines to him on their ships. Other seagoers often have shrines to him, as well, or make offerings to keep him appeased or at least positively apathetic.
Prayers: Prayers are typically for good winds, but many recluses and monks and Assiri engage in quiet contemplative mediation where they attempt to listen to his advice and thoughts on the wind, or to send their own knowledge out with the winds.
Yantuan has no rites specific to him aside from the meditation. Any rites done in his name by the Assiri are mainly their own invention

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Merrasat, the elemental Quartet, Yura)
Other people/gods (except for his siblings in the Weather Quartet)
(Gods Hated: The Blight Dukes, Bachantus, Niatha Moraven)

Symbols: a yellow circle ringed by a black ouroboros with another black circle inside it, resembling a solar eclipse
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Quarterstaff

Favored Appearance:
Yantuan appears as a gigantic feathered serpent with swirling grey eyes and a base down coat of milky pale sunny yellow obscured by a black overcoat of longer feathers and a crest and tail tuft of black feathers tipped with sky blue. The yellow and black feathers on his face resemble that of a Wasp, though the patterning caused by the feathers on his body cause flashes of yellow to appear among the black.

Yantuan is quiet and generally apathetic, breathing gusts of wind almost impassively. He simply does not care about much. As such, he offers impassive, neutral advice to any who bother to listen to his voice on the wind as he broods on various things.


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