Name(s): Yura, Tiatia
Titles: The Energetic One, Lord of the Air, Endless Inspiration, the Colorwisp
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Air, Storms, Colors, Inspiration, Fluid Intellect, Enthusiasm, Overenthusiasm, Creativity, Recklessness, Improvisation
Domains: Air, Luck, Celerity
Realm: The Realm of Elemental Air

Patron of Co-Patron diety of the Asiura, Artists, Inventors, students, and weather-worshippers, as well as anything that flies.
Cleric Training: There is no training. Disciples of the Colorwisp tend to just be following their heart, and their heart led them to her power. Simple as that.
Philosophy Fly through the air, Free of care, Full of Joy, Life… is a toy.
Worshippers: The Asiura worship her, particularly the males, and many shamans worship her as well. Artists and inventors pay her worship, as do many mages, particularly elementalists
Prayers: Prayers to Yura have no set structure and tend to be bubbly and hyperactive, if theya re prayers at all.
Rites: Yura has no specific rites associated with her, though her followers are free to make up rites and improvise. In fact, they are encouraged.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Creative Thought
Dynamic Activity
(Gods Allied: Istara, Fuuca, Bachantus, Tademos and Vinsi, The Weather Quartet, Doeli. She also has a crush on Drulkar.)
Slow things
Sedentary Activity
(Gods Hated: Brobbet, Alyssa, Micairn, Markus, Ayurlon, Rinuli, Vikin, Galderos, the Blight Dukes…. they are all soooooooo dull!)

Symbols: A single blue gossamer wing with or without a cloud
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Sling or Slingshot

Favored Appearance:
She is very much like a dragonfly in form, with an intensity of color and iridescence not often seen even in the planes. Her color shifts and changes with her rapidly shifting and changing moods. Her eyes are covered with a glasses-like convex membrane and her eyes scintillate rapidly in many colors.

Yura is flightly, energetic, and always in motion. She is chatty, boisterous, and speaks quickly at a high pitch. She is impulsive and inventive. She is genius, in both its creative and destructive forms.
But most of all, she is random and colorful, a brilliant and hyperactive god among many stoic and slow-moving sorts.


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