Blights edge


Preparing the explosives, and fighting on the run... GODSDAMNIT MORE WOLVES!!!! :(

The Squad remains in the tunnel as the explosive charges are prepped. As the guards and the squad make ready to fall back they detect something large and gravelly moving down the tunnel. Melanth sees a ripple approaching.

As it gets closer the ripple manifests itself into the form of a large bulky golem, which stops and tries to look around in the gloom. It advances with a thunderous tread down the tunnel, but doesn’t seem to notice the squad. Melanth takes a shot at it with his bow, but even with his dark-vision he misses. Alva too prepares to take a shot, carefully preparing her bow and her aim before loosing, striking the golem true in a weak spot. Hammered by the shot, the golem stalls, shedding material and sparking blighted energy as Alva’s arrow punctures it. Seeing that others in the party were having trouble with the darkness, Nathanew casts Dancing lights at the golem, illuming it, whilst Sol takes a defensive position before the squad. Hathril too readies himself, holding his action.

Looking more closely, Alva and Hathril manage to make out the symbols carved into the golem: very familiar symbols, bringing back less than pleasant memories from the past: memories of a Necromancer from Feledan. Semi-corporeal wolves slinking down the tunnel only serve to help with the recall.

Melanth takes a second shot, hitting it with his arrow and knocking a chunk off it. Alva, capitalizing on her well placed shot casts Entangle at the Golem and the approaching wolves. The thick vines shoot from the ground, engulfing the golem and three of the wolves, though two manage to evade the snare and charge towards the party. Lorn intercepts one, tearing at it viciously with his teeth. The undead wolf’s blood nearly poisons Alva’s loyal companion, though he savages it viciously. Nathanew draws upon the power ofthe arcane to throw a cold strike, frostbiting a wolf and the golem, though it seems to have little effect. With a mighty heave of its knife arm, the golem shreds the vines restraining it, meanwhile Sol charges one of the wolves, lashing out a deadly blow to its face. Unfortunatly for the bold feline, a jet of the wolf’s poisonous blood infects and poisons her. The wolves that are entrapped by the vines fail to break free. Lorn and Sol’s assailants tear at them viciously, snapping and tearing but in the confusion of the melee they fail to score and wounding blows. Hathril, still trapped in his squirrely guise hops up onto Melanth and conjures elemental flame, directing at the wolf snapping at Sol’s ankles.

Seeing that the rest of the Squad doesn’t seem to have much trouble with the demonic wolves, Melanth takes another shot at the golem and knocks more matter out of it. Lorn, clearly the superior dog-fighter tears through the wolf before him, sending it into the abyss and avoiding it’s terribly blood. The wolves still entangled are terrified by the demise of their cousin, seeking to escape the vines. Alva compliments his success by firing at it three times, hitting and scoring a small crack in it. Nathanew hangs back as the golem lashes out at one of the entangled wolves with its arm-scythe, slicing it in half… and seeming to heal its damage. Sol moves forward through the entangling vines, vaulting them and launching into an array of martial arts against the golem. She hits, but seems to do little damage to the newly regenerated golem. The entangled wolves again try to break free; one succeeding whilst the other is slammed into the ground. It growls and lowers its tail, backing up the tunnel. Hathril throws another bolt of fire at the wolves, hitting and engulfing it in flame, leaving behind only smoking cinders.
Seeing Sol engages closely Melanth charges to her assistance, leaping over the field of entangling briars and slicing at the golem with his sword, the enchanted flames raging over its surface and scorching it to ash.

With the main threat ended, the squad rounds on the remaining trapped wolf. Now looking rather lonely and extremely scared. Hathril, Nathanew and Alva try to pump it for information, knowing of its connection to the necromancer master. Meanwhile, Melanth tends to the still poisoned Soleas, though his healing expertise is less than optimal. Alva and Hathril assist Sol, knowing With noting left to be done with the entrapped wolf, Melanth smashes its skull with a large rock.

With the combat done, Nathanew manages to stabilise Sol’s wounds. Cherri’s Delvers working further down the tunnel report that the charge is armed and ready to go. Grouping together, they hustle for the exit of the tunnel when suddenly the collars on the slain undead wolves begin to glow, raising them back to unholy life and begin chasing the group. Seeing the danger, Hathril casts an Entangle and manages to trap one.

Seeing the reanimated wolves running for the intercept, Melanth and Alva ready themselves. Nathanew runs a short distance further up the tunnel and fires off a barrage of Magic Missiles, hitting all three. Sol too readies herself as the Delvers continue their hustle. One of the undead wolves rushes to seek its revenge upon Lorn, biting him deeply, though the hardy wolf manages to avoid becoming infected with its dying poisonous blood. Hathril too holds his action.
Lorn and his assailant continue to exchange blows, the rest of the party holding in formation waiting to intercept the wolves. Lorn lays into it, asserting his dominance by tearing it to shreds for a second time. Alva fires off a barrage at one of the entangled beasts, her enchanted arrows incinerating her target. In the burning its companion escapes, charging at Alva but missing her with its leap. Sol inspects the enchanted collars, trying to remove them from the incapacitated wolf. Melanth kicks the wolf attacking Alva off its feet whilst she retreats. The wolf Melanth tripped attempts to rise, catching his blade across its flanks for the trouble, and lashes out at him and biting into his arm. Sol inadvertently triggers an electric charge in the collar which singes her. Melanth beheads the wolf gnawing on his arm and kicks the collar off its severed neck.

As the party finishes off the undead wolves, Sol begins to grow weak with the poison circulating in her veins. Alva sends Lorn to heal her, channelling magic through her animal companion. With nothing left to defend against the party begins catching up to the retreating Delvers.

As the party makes their escape, they spy a gigantic mummified wolf neat the hole through which the necromancers infiltrated earlier. Aegis forces are hauling the corpses out, with the corpse of Horus lashed to the undead wolf with a rope harness. The Delvers fall back outside of the blast radius, their flamethrowers at the ready. Deciding not to take a risk, Alva runs forwards with Melanth as her bodyguard, trying to take and aimed shot at the rope and sever it. However, a stray gust of wind catches her arrow, throwing it off course. Nathanew runs forward and tries to set the harness aflame, succeeding with a touch attack, but provoking an attack in turn from the wolf which bites into him. Sol tries to come to the assistance of Nathanew, but her poison slows her. The wolf attacks Nathanew again, though the Fiend ducks one attack but is struck critically by the second, the wolf’s teeth slicing through his thin clothing.

What will happen to our “heroes”?
Will they escape the tunnels intact?
What will happen to Soleas?
Will they have another lunch?
Will this damn battle ever end?


Alva: Injured, but ok
Hathril: Still a squirrel, Flamed all the bastards
Lorn: A bit bitten and acid-burned, but hardy enough
Melanth: a few bites, not happy
Nathanew: Badly bitten by an undead wolf
Pernunculus: On the Surface
Soleas: Injured and her hand is infected with blighted toxins that are weakening her


Anastasia: AC 11 HP 38/50
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/6 and 0/2 L1 , 0/5+1 L2, 4/5+1 L3, 1/2+1 L4)

Soleas: AC 19 HP 34/51 STR 14/18

Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)

Alva: AC 23 HP 43/56

Lorn: AC 17 HP 23/32

Nathanew: AC 15 HP 20/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 4/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 4/7 L3, 3/5 L4)

Melanath: AC 28 HP 29/61



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