Blights edge

Exordium Terminus Part 2

Rhymes and a rapidly approaching climax to the battle

Leaving a furious Gunzheg to vent his rage, Mel and Alva track the blood trail left by the escaped faux-Redscale. Tracking him to a piss and puke splattered alley. They follow them further, realising that their quarry has vaulted a wall and is quite skilled with regards to acrobatics. Melanth scales the wall and follows over rooftops, as Alva and Hathril follow on foot, catching sight of the man who is now nude, having shed his Redscale gear. Their chase ends abruptly when suddenly the naked man jumps down, and seems to vanish completely from sight. They spot some rustling, and split up, beginning to follow it. Hathril however is distracted by the scent of nuts, and lollops off in his squirrely way to seek them out.

They catch the man as he exits the greenery, tackling and restraining him with ease and little warmth. As Melanth ties him up, a soot-blackened Saris in a Delver’s uniform hails Alva, leading her off to a hidden point where a mixed guild team of Dwarves and other races seems to be assembling something in camoflage. The Saris explains to Alva that they saw some of the messengers who had been sent to keep tabs on the Aegis activity in the region be accosted, and presumably murdered by an unknown force. They were then dragged into the bushes, returning a few minutes later looking subtly different. The team elected to hide, observing the man returned to his feet and head off to deliver the message.

Alva finishes her parley with the hidden crew, advising Melanth to drag the captive to Gunzheg, a task he is more than happy to comply with. He complies, and Gunzheg seems somewhat relieved in his own Dwarfish way to have the man back in custody. They set about interrogating him, resorting to torture when pure interrogation fails to yield many results. The man takes a gashed hand and badly broken finger before he lets slip something; a glance at the wall; apparently at nothing. Melanth takes no chances, throwing his dagger in the direction of the man’s gaze. He hits nothing, but he was not the only one to notice; the Party makes ready their weapons, and Gunzheg bawls orders to the surrounding soldiers to stand to and prepare for action.
Suddenly they are greeted by an unearthly, high pitched laugh.

The captured man laughs at them, his laughter echoed by an unseen, sinister feminine tone. His sister, as she introduces herself to the puzzled mass of assembled warriors. They are both Aegis agents on an unknown type, and unnerve the soldiers with their eerily chanted rhyming speech. The Squad responds with some of their own, chanting death for the Aegis goons who have happened upon them. The party are enveloped in a field that seems to dull and mute any noise, makingi t harder to concentrate.

Suddenly, the courtyard explodes into action. Melanth takes a fierce swipe at the tied man as he tries to escape, effectively gutting him before leaping to the top of a building, abandoning his sword in favour of his bow. Alva, always quick on her feet draws her bow and fires at the sister, but her shots fail to strike their mark. Gunzheg meanwhile tries to rally the troops around and direct their fire at the sister, but the strange field around them quietens his voice, and instead he tries to break free of the silence field. Hathril sees that he cannot reach the burgeoning struggle, opting instead to cast a healing spell upon Melanth.




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