Blights edge

Heroes Arise

As the Battle for Sslanis rages, one band of mercenaries forges its name in legend....

Two hours into the battle, the battles on the wall continue. Attacks by the suicide skeletons have abated for the time being, and the Squad continues to hold their ground at the teleport pad. Other warriors defending the walls recover their injured and dead, and escort the reinforcements into the city. Unfortunately, this leaves the defences temporarily short-handed.

As they pick through the carnage after the battle, Pern alights near the Squad and announces what Aegis reinforcements are on the way. Comprising a Malebrache and several artillery pieces.
The Malebranche dives down upon the burgeoning battle and takes a swipe at Melanth with its talons, scoring him deeply down the side. Sol immediately responds by leaping at the creature and pummelling on it with her fists, but she fails to harm its stony hide. Melanth, caught by surprise at the sudden attack backs away from the combat and takes the opportunity to apply a Keen Edge potion to his weapon. Alva nocks and arrow and scans for weak points on the target, spotting one and firing two shots but fails to hit the creature thanks to the wing gusted up by its wings. Lorn leaps and tries to snap at it and bites a chunk out of its wing membrane. Anastasia from her position on the walls casts blindness/deafness, overcoming its spell resistance and succeeding in blinding the monster. Nathanew casts Scorching Ray, blasting at it with rays of heat.

Sol tries to disarm the newly blinded Malebranche, but it catches her with its claws as she leaps, intercepting and wounding the Saris. Melanth retaliates by charging it, leaping through the air and cleaving through its back flesh. The Malebranche, realising that its blindness will not dissipate, instead lands on the gate and lashes out with its trident missing once, but on the second thrust hitting Sol squarely and impaling her. Alva takes another three shots, missing the weak point but embedding arrows in its hide. Lorn sneaks up on the blinded creature and lays into it with his mighty jaws, tearing great chunks out of it in an epic display of violence. Anastasia takes the opportunity to move towards Sol and begin treating her injuries with divine magic. Nathanew begins casting a spell, transferring the arcane energies into his familiar, who then flies at the gargoyle and tries to transfer the spell, but misses as the spell fizzles out prematurely.

Soleas, newly rejuvenated, rejoins the fight by launching into a Flurry of Blows and Iron Fist attacks, missing with the first but hitting the creature’s weak spot with the second. Melanth tries to climb the creature, but is shaken off by its terrible strength. The Malebranche lashes out wildly at Mel, Sol and Lorn, missing Mel and Lorn but clawing at Sol and inflicting injuries. Alva takes another three shots, this time hitting its weak point for massive damage with her arrows, additional shots thudding into its hide. Lorn tried to bite at its legs, but his jaws snap closed on thin air.

Meanwhile, a volley of arrows from the hastily assembled defenders fall wide of the mark.
Anastasia sends a prayer to her goddess, whilst Nathanew tries to cast a spell but is unable to overcome the creature’s spell resistance. Splashback effects from the spell cause Lorn and Mel to become enraged with dark magic.

Aegis reinforcements try to launch a volley into the melee, but their incompetence hits only Alva and the Malebranche. Soleas attacks the Malebranche, but misses with her attacks.

Spurred on by incoherent rage, Melanth leaps up and takes a slash at the gargoyl’s throat, going completely berserk, grabbing onto it and decapitating the monster, shreddinf it into a pile of flaming gore with Niatha’s Fang.

(For purpose of the records, Melanth TRIPLE CRITTED the Maleblanche)

Alva and Lorn turns to face the approaching horde of skeletons and lay into them, dropping a large number with their combined hail of arrows and enraged jaws. The skeletons try to return fire, but barely grazing them with the first volley. The second strikes home, causing further damage to Anastasia and Lorn. The cleric of Nyrevin retaliates by attempting to turn them, shattering their undead ranks with the might of the Goddess of Death.

The Squad regroups at the teleporter pad and clears off the gibbed remains of the Maleblanche, just in time for Elven and Dwarven reinforcements to teleport through. The Dwarves are the Elite of their forces- the Defenders. They greet the new arrivals curtly; the Dwarves introduce themselves as the Squad’s relief.

Seeing the troops holding the gate in trouble, the Squad elects to try and help the beleaguered guardsmen. Anastasia departs temporarily

Sol opens the fight by bounding through the ranks of skeletons surrounding, pushing them down and launching herself at the second Maleblanche. Mel cleaves his way through the skeletal ranks, who respond by attacking Mel and Sol. They miss Mel, but Sol is hit badly. Alva sends Lorn to reinforce Sol, firing at them as she goes and scoring hits on the Malebranche. Lorn fights his way through the skeletal shieldwall, biting at their ankles. Two regiments of the Living Races try to attack the Malebranche, but the monster evades. Another two attack the surrounding skeletons, hitting them and inflicting massive casualties. Archers on the wall fire a volley and hit the Malbranche, whilst other arrows land amongst the skeletons and disrupt their ranks.
Suddenly, a bright light from the wall shines upon the Skeletons and nearly blinding the Malebranche… and actually blinding the troops on the ground. Melanth and Lorn are temporarily blinded.

Nathanew casts a bolt of ice at the Maleclanche, which doesn’t hit it squarely but still inflicts some damage. The Maleblanche goes mad, striking at the surrounding guardsmen in a whirlwind of fury, inflicting horrific casualties and all but obliterating the defenders. Melanth tries to avenge them with a thrown axe, though he barely grazes it. Alva has more success, hitting twice and puncturing its thick hide. Lorn lays into the beast, sniffing it out and tearing it apart with his fearsome jaws.

Investigating the commotion at the gate, the Squad finds a large hole has been dug beneath it, with concentrated fighting going on between Cherri’s Delvers and a group of Tombcutters. Seeing
they could do with a little assistance, the Squad elect to help.

Melanth drops down, trying to land on the Tombcutters head but slips and falls off. Lorn also drops down and tried to savage the creature, but slips, bounces off its back and is caught by Mel. Alva fires but most of her shots go wide, only one hitting hard enough to inflict harm. Soldiers on the wall also try to fire into the tunnel, but their arrows miss and bounce off the hard chitinous plates of the Tombcutters. Nathanew charges Pern up with a spell, sending the crow to transfer it into the target. Cherri’s Delvers unleash a volley of pistol fire, which punch through the armour of the Tombcutters, though their macemen miss. The flamethrower team unleash a torrent of liquid flame, casting up a noxious stench as the Tombcutter’s shells crackle and pop. The insectoid creatures retaliate against Mel and Lorn, though one botches and bites its comrade. The other hits Melanth and gore him terribly; Lorn on the other hand is savaged brutally and knocked unconscious. Sol jumps down and tries to assist, but cannot make the move in time.

Melanth responds by grabbing Lorn and bodily dragging him behind the Cherri’s Delver’s line, applying a charge from his belt to the injured wolf. Alva also applies some healing magic to Lorn, further closing his wounds. More shots from the walls land upon the Tombcutters, inflicting damage as Anastasia returns to the battle and uses Summon Celestial Black Bear. Nathanew sends Pern to try and attack the Tombcutters once again, but Pern again fails, turning an attacking dive into a nosedive that leaves him planted in the ground like a lawndart. Cherri’s Delvers close ranks around the injured party, handing Mel a Cure Moderate healing potion which goes some way to restoring his injury. Further volleys of pistol fire and flamethrower fuel drop two of the remaining Tombcutters, which retaliate against them, inflicting many injuries but the tough mercenary band hold their ground. Soleas lashes out with her fists, but misses with her fists.

Melanth charges at the last remaining Tombcutter, leaping into its embrace and slicing it clean in half with his divinely blessed sword. (For the record, this was ANOTHER triple crit.)

With the battle effectively over, the Squad exchange pleasantries with Cherri’s Delvers. Having fought three battles in a day, they decide that some rest is in order. With three of the party badly wounded they are left in need of healing, but thoroughly triumphant.


Alva: Minor wounds- could use some healing attention
Anastasia: Minor wounds
Hathril: Still a squirrel
Lorn: Moderate wounds, fatigued post raging
Melanth: Moderate wounds, fatigued post raging
Nathanew: Uninjured, needs some spells replenished
Pernunculus: Uninjured, probably quite embarrassed
Soleas: Minor injuries, actually does have some emotions after all

2x Malevolent Tridents (Huge trident)


Anastasia: AC 11 HP 38
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/6 L1, 0/6 L2, 4/6 L3, 1/5 L4, 2/3 L5, 0/2 L6)

Soleas: AC 19 HP 43

Hathril: AC 28 HP 35
(Used 0/5 L0, 1/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)

Alva: AC 23 HP 42

Lorn: AC 17 HP 27

Nathanew: AC 15 HP 37
(Used 2/8 L0, 1/7 L1, 3/7 L2, 2/7 L3, 3/5 L4)

Melanath: AC 27 HP 53



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