Blights edge

Morde Memento

.... Doesnt she realize shes a cleric, and has just killed a Grand Necromancer? nope? Welp.

Several hours ago, from about 10am to 1:15 pm.

Anastasia, having encountered a Necromancer, decides not to follow the group of mercenaries into the tunnels for whatever reason they are going down there.
She is a reaper of Nyrevin, and it is her sacred duty to track down the necromancer.
The familiar thing that the necromancer had ran off to the south, and a cursory top-of-the wall inspection revealed this to be a huge cliff face with a beach down below.
She asked around about the beach, finding a local smith who was not busy resting or defending the wall.
He tells her about beetles, how they are usually there but they were recently cleared, save for the carapaces that are waiting for him to work on them. he also mentions that some of the buildings on the south wall might have passages to the caverns and lairs.
Finding the other buildings to be locked up and not knowing where the owners are, She enters the building the necromancer was in front of, which does not have a door.
Inside is a kitchen. After searching around, and some key finding, she discovers a trapdoor in a backroom.
She improvises a torch from a stone rod, some fabric, some oil, and an ember, and heads down into the passage.
Through the passage she enters a storeage room, a dragon’s lair, and then manages to find her way onto the beach.
Aspying a dark aura with her aurasight mutation, she makes her way down a path to the beach.
She attempted to move silently, but her unfamiliarity with sandy surfaces made this difficult, if not impossible, and the necromancer’s familiar was alerted.
Her Shrieks failed to wake her master, who was in a mediative trance, and she stopped to throw… unmentionables… at Anastasia, who attempted to destroy the undead monkey with pure light, missing due to the monkey’s agility.
The monkey attempted to wake her master, succeeding in only the most absentminded of gestures.
Running up, Anastasia invokes her diety, Sending the raw power of the death goddess boiling through his veins. He resists the talons of death, taking damage but surviving and snapping out of his trance. Disoriented, he tries to stand and is hit with her scythe oppurtunistically. Panicking, he attempts to attack with a darkly gleaming attack, defending himself while his familiar attempted to deliver the blow… and missed.
He fiddles with a ring at his finger and teleports away, though recieving a poisonous spell and another strike of her scythe.

The familiar runs off after him, the Reaper of Nyrevin in pursuit. She loses the trail after a while, but can see some activity on a raised area of land on the edge of the eastern battlefield, and goes to investigate.
She finds the necromancer, sick and injured, trying to summon something via a ritual. she fires off a ray of searing light at him, but her attack was intercepted by a sslik ghost guarding him, which cries out and vanishes.
Two skeletons in his employ rush over, blocking her way, and the panicked necromancer casts a spell, his flailing causing it to miss her completely and spend its ice on the sands.
Anastasia is not one to be kept from her prize. Disregarding the skeletons threatening her and their cruel swipes to her in passing, she rushes by them, right into the center of the group. she is immediately challenged by the ghost, an archer skeleton, and a shortsword guardian skeleton who takes up a defensive stance near the necromancer.
She is badly damaged by the arrows and the strikes of the undead swordsmen, but seemingly through divine intervention, she manages to survive long enough to restore her health and hide herself from the undead.
As they search for her, she runs in as Aton and his ghost magic user are finishing their ritual, and casts an inflict spell on him.
He asked why.
She told him.
He died, crumpling to the ground.
Dizzy, she suddenly believes him to be a fellow cleric of Nyrevin in charge of sacred tomb guardians which is probably a thing she has. Probably. (hooray for botched knowledge rolls)
As she ponders this, his body bursts into eerie green flames, burning her and knocking her unconcious.
She recovers, and gets attacked by his distraught familiar and by the undead that remained in the area: the skeletons, mainly.
their actions manage to knock her out again, and she almost bleeds to death, the guardian skeleton looking on.
Managing to get to her feet, she turns undead, unleashing the deadly wrath of her goddess on the undead. She is joined by two nissians who engage the Greatsword-wielding skeletons. The guardian skeleton, moving stiffly because of the divine attack, misses.
The nissians are attacked brutally, and one is badly wounded, slipping into unconciousness as his partner fights on. The skeleton is held back as Anastasia unleashes the goddesses power again, turning the remaining skeletons into calcium dust piles.
She and the nissian, carrying her companion, make their way back to the gate. They are within meters when they are attacked by a group of skeletons and ghosts. Shoving her incapacitated comerade at the Reaper, the other nissian draws her fine, shining blade and attempts to hold off the undead, while the reaper escorts the unconcious nissian and the necromancer’s magically charred remains to the city, dropping the wounded male in the hospital.
She quickly returns to aid the nissian who had helped her, but is too late.
The female nissian fought well, but was impaled on a barbed spear, her wings broken and battered, her blood in the muddy ground.
It was at this point that Anastasia decided she needed a shovel.

Will she find the shovel?
What will happen next?!
STAY TUNED…. In a while.
The time is…. 1:15 pm. The rest of the party is at 2 or 3pm… just saying :)

Anastasia: Injured, badly. Almost out of spells.
One Nissian samurai dead
One Nissian samurai alive (Male)

Anastasia: AC 11 HP 18/50 Turns: 3/5
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/5+1 and 0/2 L1 , 4/5+1 L2, 6/5+1 L3, 3/2+1 L4)

Soleas: AC 19 HP 34/51 STR 14/18

Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)

Alva: AC 23 HP 43/56

Lorn: AC 17 HP 23/32

Nathanew: AC 15 HP 20/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 4/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 4/7 L3, 3/5 L4)

Melanath: AC 28 HP 29/61



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