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Explosions, thievery and why mages shouldn't tank...

Memento Morde Part 2

Entering the combat, Melanth throws Nathanew out of the reach of the ravening undead Wolf, knocking the Fiend away from danger with a Bull Rush. As this is happening the Necromancers around the open hole shouts words in the spindly tongue of magic whilst preparing a second rope harness. Alva with Lorn in tow moves to attack the mummified wolf, nocking an arrow as she runs and loosing the shaft deep into its linen wrapped flank. Nathanew quickly recovers from the unexpected rear assault and uses Burning Hands, engulfing both the Wolf and the fire-immune Dragon in magical flames. Soleas in the confusion takes a flying leap at the Necromancer and lands a powerful blow upon him as the retreating Cherri’s Delvers take cover behind a makeshift barricade. The wolf recovers from the surprise of the sudden assault, lashing out at Melanth and scoring a ferocious bite. Melanth tries to retaliate but the pain causes him to swing wide.
The Sslik Necromancer assaulted by Soleas tries to strike back with an Inflict Moderate Wounds, though as he steps forwards to cast his evil spell the nimble Saris dodges, lashing back with a Power Attack, but the Necromancer manages to duck. Alva and Lorn move towards the gaping hole, Alva sending her faithful companion to the aid of the struggling pair attacking the mummified Wolf, though Lorn blanches at the undead monstrosity and misses his attack. Alva follows through with a shot from her bow, striking it in the neck. Nathanew, still struggling with his injuries casts Burning Hands again, crisping its dried flesh and igniting its burial wraps. Still staggering from the pain of the last strike, Melanth is caught up in the wolf’s jaws and shaken violently, knocked unconscious by its attack though he manages to resist bleeding. The Nectomancer attempts to attack Soleas with an Inflict attack but he misses again.

Rushing into the melee, Lorn attempts to trip the undead wolf and rams into it, scrabbling for a moment though the two prove to be too evenly matched to win out one way or the other. Alva rushes to the stricken Dragon, shoving a Cure serious Wounds potion down his throat, bringing him back to consciousness.

Suddenly the Cherri’s Delvers charges go off, throwing up a gigantic pall of dirt and ballistic velocity stones, injuring many with the raining debris and obscuring the entire area in a thick cloud of smoke and dust.

Nathanew is first to recover from the explosion, casting Burning hands again against the wolf, as is Sol who uses her Flurry of Blows against the Necromancer she is duelling and hitting him repeatedly. The Wolf attacks wildly against Melanth and Lorn, hitting Alva’s companion and snapping at Melanth though gets a mouthful of chainmail for its trouble. One of the Necromancers working below stumbles out of the hole coughing and looks to his companion, joining the fray. Melanth leaps acrobatically to his feet, slashing madly at the wolf which ducks his swings as the necromancer newly joined the battle heals his companion and the undead wolf before fleeing. Alva tries to heal Lorn, pouring a Cure Serious potion down his throat and sending him to attack his undead number. With renewed vigour Lorn snarls and shreds his way into its flank, though seems to be hindered by its dry, cracked flesh.

Nathanew, seeing that discretion is the wider part of valour back up a short way, calling on Soleas to bull-rush the Necromancer she is fighting. The corrupted wizard swings at her with a dagger but misses as she charges towards him, but the man is well braced against her and they resolve to grappling. Cherri’s Delvers recover from the explosion re-organise themselves back into formation, one of the Gnomian soldiers taking a shot at the undead wolf with his pistol, but misses as the undead wolf attacks Melanth and Lorn, striking both. Melanth ducks low, sweeping for the wolf’s legs taking a nasty bite to the neck but succeeding in removing a limb, scorching it into dust. The Necromancer grappling with Sol succumbs to the Saris’ grapple, finding himself in a joint-lock, which does not prevent him from using an Inflict Serious wounds upon her, sending dark energy through her body. Alva takes aim with her bow, firing rapidly at the injured wolf and striking it twice in its exposed belly, her arrows sinking deep into its crusted flesh.

As it burns and crumbles to smouldering ash, the undead wolf lashes out in its re-death throes, lashing out at Lorn, though the flighty canine evades its blow.

As they wrestle for dominance, Soleas and the Necromancer trip and topple from the edge of the precipice, still struggling as they fall and landing hard on the bottom. Nathanew, spying his opportunity dives forwards with his enchanted rapier cutting a wound out of the struggling necromancer, with his enchanted blade inflicting a persistant wound upon the dark wizard.

Tiffy of Cherri’s Delvers steps forwards and tries to heal Melanth, closing some of his injuries as the rest of his contingent open fire with flintlocks, though the ill advised action of firing into a melee results in Soleas catching a musket ball in her shoulder. Melanth, still disorientated and injured feeds a Cure Moderate potion to Lorn. Trapped down a hole with a Saris Monk and a malevolent Fiend, the Necromancer tries to attack Soleas with a touch attack but misses in his frenzy. Nathanew fails in attempting to slash at him again, the Sorcerer being unused to melee combat. Squirming out of Sol’s attempts at grappling the panicking necromancer squirms out of her grasp and tries to make good his escape down a passage.

Seeing the opportunity to gather valuable intelligence, the Squad opts to try and take him alive. Sol, Melanth and Lorn race after him. Lorn pounces on the dark wizard and wrestles him to the ground. Sol rushes up to pin him, as Melanth slices off the Sslik’s fingers to prevent from casting, causing the creature to lost consciousness from the pain.

Re-grouping, the Squad makes good with their captive, attempting to return to the safety of the city. As they do so the tunnel that mere moments before was the scene of their fighting collapses in upon itself. Along the way they enter discourse with Cherri’s Delvers. The state of the defences does not look promising; ghosts assault the defenders and injured and corpses litter the walls. They return to report to their commanders, requesting medical attention and direction on interrogating their unconscious captive. They head to the field hospital where they attempt to beg treatment, though the conditions in the hospital are somewhat grim and overflowing with casualties. They speak to a young Saris medic who is somewhat overwhelmed by the horrors surrounding her, obtaining some healing for their most injured parties.

With that Melanth quietly slips away from the rest of the party, keenly aware of their re-occurring problems with necromancers and magic users in general and setting out to do something about it. After asking around, he finds two places where he would be most likely to find related materials: a Merchant’s Guild stall and Imperial Army depot. Unfortunately the Depot isn’t open to mercenaries and the stall charges exorbitant fees.

Hatching a plan, he strikes up a deal with a struggling medic, covertly stealing satchels of herbs from the Merchant’s Guild stall where Nathanew is trying unsuccessfully to flirt with the owner. For this bit of thievery he manages to acquire an Imperial Army uniform and a Ring of Evasion. Then, making his way to the Imperial Army Depot in disguise he strikes up conversation with the quartermaster, bluffing his way past the Dwarf’s suspicions and gaining permission to ‘requisition’ several bottles of Holy Water and other miscellaneous equipment, though he shies of taking anything that may harm the Imperial Army’s performance in the field.

Later, as he watches Nathanew rebuked forcefully by the store owner, he quietly pulls the Fiend to an aside. Having saved the Sorcerer’s life earlier in the day, he gains Nathanew’s eager aid in pilfering the Merchant Guild’s Stall in search of Silence arrows, Poisons and other miscellaneous valuables. He convinces the Fiend to cast an Invisibility spell upon him whilst Nathan causes a scene, pretending to ache at his rejection by the stall owner as Melanth slips past the tent undetected, under cover of the spell. The Dragon encounters difficulty whilst searching however, being unable to clearly see what it is he is stealing; in the end he absconds with a number of gems, some poisons, some potions, two bundles of magic arrows (type and number unknown), a scroll and a locked chest.

Retreating behind the Confectioner’s Guild hall with his loot, he climbs the building and secrets his stash in a decorative alcove, waiting for Nathanew to catch up. When the fiend arrives they set about identifying some of what Melanth has acquired, as well as breaking into the strongbox.


Anastasia: AC 11 HP 18/50 Turns: 3/5
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/5+1 and 0/2 L1 , 4/5+1 L2, 6/5+1 L3, 3/2+1 L4)
Soleas: AC 19 HP 51/51 STR 14/18
Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)
Alva: AC 23 HP 42/56
Lorn: AC 17 HP 32/32
Nathanew: AC 15 HP 36/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 7/7 L1, 5/7 L2, 4/7 L3, 3/5 L4)
Melanath: AC 28 HP 61/61



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