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When Axe Meets Flesh

Fighting, interrogation, and an incredibly long post.

As the session opens, so does a great battle above the city. The redscale leader Guntzheg has met the Kwellen general in the sky axe first. The company takes a moment to pick up their slack jaws and wipe their tears of pride before springing into action themseleves. Melenath and Hathril decide to head toward the north wall in hopes of gaining some intelligence of the outside field from the men who held their position there. Alva elects to stay behind and put her bow to good use assisting Guntzheg. A somewhat dazed Nathanew stays put as well.

As the pair head off, Alva sends an opening shot through the eye of one the two demons attempting to assist the Kwellen. It tries to return the favor in a dive, clawing at her and dealing just enough damage to set off her rising temper. Lorn jumps at the demon as it tries to take wing and manages to connect for a snap of qucik revenge. Nathanew joins in the fray, sending a fireball at the other monster circling over head. Guntzheg and the Kwellen go head to head, weapons flying and blood raining down, but neither looking ready to relent. Alva again takes aim and sticks the rotting hides of their enemies with arrows, whilst Nath peppers them with magic missle. One of the demons decides to be bold yet again, going in for a dive only to be met by a snarling pounce from Lorn. The demon tries to take to the skies again, but is held fast by the wolf’s strong jaws. Even it’s ally cannot assist in its flight, which gives Alva and Nath the opportunity to pelt them yet again.

Overhead, the battle rages on, and as does Guntzheg. The Kwellen is more accustomed to battle in flight however, and gains hit after hit on their guildmaster. Alva decides to try to even the playing field by summoning an eagle to take wing where she cannot. The bird dives at the blighted general’s head, clawing its eyes into a frothing mess of ooze. The Kwellen strikes out near-blindly at Guntzheg, and the dwarf takes its rage as a chance to re-gain the advantage with a great cleave from his axe. Down below, Lorn rips at his captive’s leg to further damage it, but his grip is weakened as he’s speared and clawed by the demons. The wolf is kicked to the ground and the demons begin to regain flight, first making quick work of the eagle andtossing a spear at Alva for a near miss. Nathanew, thinking quickly despite his stupor, casts a rage spell on his allies, fueling Alva’s growing anger at the sight of Lorn’s fall and giving the wolf himself enough fire to run back snarling to defend her. Alva steps in front of her injured pup however, ripping the fallen spear out of the ground and hurling it deep into the retreating demon’s gut. Ignoring its grave wounds, the demon and it’s partner gain wing and begin a dread dance high above.

The three party members turn their gaze toward the rising demons and the fierce battle overhead which is seeming to come to a climax; Guntzheg roars as a great blast of dragon-fire shoots from his mouth to envelope the Kwellen. The blighted beast retaliates however, wrapping its writhing tail around Guntzheg in an attempt to crush him. Not one to give up easily, Guntzheg makes one final mighty slash with his axe, ripping through the Kwellen’s throat and leaving a trail of oozing black blood in it’s wake. The blight-beast spasms in agony, using its waning strength to crush what remains in the grasp of its tail as it hurls downward. The party notices with releif that only the armor of their guildmaster is amongst the falling rubble. Guntzheg managed to recall in time to save his life, but missed the result of his great victory as the Kwellen crashes to earth, grasping wildly at it’s gurgling wound. Alva, Lorn, and Nathanew look on with an air of tired triumph, which is quickly interrupted by a sudden disembodied applause from behind them. Alva wheels around, drawing her dagger to confront their unseen audience member, but is met with nothing but empty space. On turning back around, the party sees nothing but a pool of blood where the Kwellen’s body once lay. Confused and unnerved, they finish up the battle by quickly sniping and scorching one of the remaining demons, it’s companion deciding to to turn tail and save it’s own rotting hide instead. Nathanew collects some of the Kwellen blood for later analysis while an exhausted Alva kneels to tend to her unconcious wolf.

Unaware of most of the goings-on in the square, Melanath and Hathril continue to make their way toward the wall. They are saved the short walk as a rather jittery Redscale recruit dashes toward them. Melanath hails the man, asking if he has any news to report. The recruit insists he does not, still shaking and looking for all the world as though he might have somewhere else he needs to be. His behavior begins to register a bit odd to Melanath, who’s suspicion’s are peaked when he notices the recruit wearing the most crucial and recognizable part of a Redscale’s raiment completely wrong. The recruit babbles excuse after excuse, his words wearing on the dragon’s waning patience. Amonst the drivel, Melanath’s ears pick out a useful bit of info. The recruit is meant to report to their squad leader, Soleas. Opting for the route of subterfuge, the pair decide to instead lead the man to another not-quite-so-vital Saris. They head to the confectioner’s hall to meet a certain resident cook, the whimpering and nauseous man in tow. Hathril runs ahead to alert Cora of their plan as Melanath withstands another barage of whine and possible vomit as he strips the recruit of his weapons. Hathril arrives back just in time with Cora, who steps into her role of command with ease. The recruit offers not much more than blubber in report until Cora addresses him in a language unfamiliar to both Melanath and Hathril’s ears. Though they may not understand what is said, they do pick up on the man’s reaction; he quickly falls silent and grows deathly pale. Cora reveals to the others that the language in which she spoke was High Kwellen, something quite unsual for a common human recruit to understand. The man tries to stammer out an excuse, but falters at the questioning of the party. The imposter’s Redscale scarf is ripped from him and Melanath hauls his shaking frame toward the local shrine in hopes of finding Guntzheg. The Guildmaster will know just what to do with this slug.


Soleas: AC 19 HP 51/51 STR 14/18
Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)
Alva: AC 23 HP 35/56
Lorn: AC 17 HP 8/32
Nathanew: AC 15 HP 24/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 4/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 6/7 L3, 4/5 L4)
Melanath: AC 28 HP 37/61



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