Melanath Nachenthu

A savvy and sharp-tongued mercenary, still wondering how things went so disasterously wrong.


Melanath Nachenthu

Race: Dragon (Khutit Form Male)
Speed: 40 ft.
Class: 4 Spellthief/2 Fighter/1 Barbarian/1 Thief-acrobat
Health: 76
AC: 29
STR: 20 (+ 5)
DEX: 18 (+ 4)
INT: 16 (+ 3)
WIS: 13 (+ 1)
CON: 16 (+ 3)
CHA: 14 (+ 2)
Comeliness: 14

Base Attack Bonus: 6/2

Niatha’s Fang (+ 1 longsword)
To hit: (Attack #1 +12, Attack #2 +8)
Damage: 1d8 + 6 + 1d6
Crits on 19/20: 1d8 + 1 + Burst (1d6 + 1d10 on crit) Cold Fire (considered Ice and Fire damage)

Unarmed – 2x Claw (+ 11) 1d4+5
1x Bite (+ 11) 1d6+7

Seeking Composite Longbow (3 STR) (To Hit: + 11, 7) Damage: 1d83 (crit x3) Ignores Concealment

  • 2x Javelin of Lightning* (To hit: +11) Damage: 5d6 120ft LINE electrical (Reflex DC 14 half)

Fortitude: 8+3 = 12
Reflex: 0+4+1+2 = 8
Will: 1+4 = 5

Skills: (0 to be assigned)
Appraise + 4 (+ 7)
Balance + 8 (+ 12)
Bluff + 8 (+ 10)
Climb + 8 (+ 13)
Craft Malganival Cocktail 0 ( +5)
Diplomacy + 5 (
Escape Artist + 4 (+ 9)
Heal + 0 + 2 (+ 3)
Hide + 9 (+ 13)
Intimidate + 8 (+ 10)
Jump + 8 (+ 13)
Move Silently + 7 (+ 11)
Sense Motive + 8 (+ 9)
Perception + 10 (+ 11)
Tumble + 8 (+ 12)
Handle Animal + 3 (+ 5)
Use Rope + 2 (+ 6)

Languages Known: Draconic, Mahgran, Fiendish, Imperial

Class abilities:

  • Rage: 1/day 8 rounds (+4 Str, +4 Con, -2 AC) Fatigued at end (-2 Str, Dex, no charge/run)
  • Fast Acrobatics: A thief-acrobat can avoid the normal penalties for accelerated movement while using her acrobatic talents. She ignores the normal –5 penalty when making a Balance check while moving at her full normal speed. She can climb at half her speed as a move action without taking a –5 penalty on her Climb check. Finally, she can tumble at her full speed without taking the normal –10 penalty on her Tumble check.
  • Kip Up: A thief-acrobat can stand up from a prone position as a free action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. This ability works only if the thief-acrobat wears light or no armor and carries no more than a light load.
  • Steady Stance: A thief-acrobat remains stable on her feet when others have difficulty standing. She is not considered flat-footed while balancing or climbing, and she adds her class level as a bonus on Balance or Climb checks to remain balancing or climbing when she takes damage.
  • Sneak attack: Deals an extra 1d6 points of damage when flanking or at any time the target would be denied DEX bonus to AC.
  • Trapfinding: Can use the Search skill to locate traps with a DC higher than 20 and can use Disable Device to bypass or disarm any magical or non-magical trap.
  • Steal Spell (up to 2nd Level): When making a sneak attack, can forgoe dealing 1d6 points of Sneak Attack damage to steal a 0-1st level spell from the target. Can take spells from a willing target as a standard action. The target of Seal Spell loses one 1-0 level spell from memory if prepared, or a slot of the same if a spontanepus caster. Spontaneous caster also loses the ability to cast the stolen spell for 1 minute. If the target has no spells prepared or no spell slots left, the ability has no effect. The Spellthief can choose which spell to steal. If the spell is not available the DM can choose randomly.
  • Detect Magic: Can use Detect Magic a number of times per day equal to his CHA bonus. His caster level is equal to his Spellthief Class Level.
  • Steal Spell Effect: Can syphon an active spell from another creature. Must hit the opponent with a sneak attack and forgo dealing 1d6 points of Sneak Attack damage and instead gain the affects of a single spell affecting the target. If the target is willing, the spellthief can do this as a standard action. The Spellthief can choose which spell effect to steal, otherwise the DM chooses. A Spellthief can’t steal a spell effect if its caster level exceeds his class level + his Charisma modifier. Upon stealing a spell effect, a spellthief gains the stolen effect (and the original creature loses that effect) for 1 minute per class level (or until the spell’s duration expires, whichever comes first). If the spell effect’s duration hasn’t expired by this time, the spell effect returns to the creature that originally benefited from it. A spellthief can steal the effect of a spell only if the spell could be cast on him by the original caster. For example, a spellthief couldn’t gain the effect of an animal growth spell (unless the spellthief is of the animal type) or the effect of a shield spell (since that spell’s range is
    personal). If a spellthief tries to steal the effect of a spell not allowed to him, the effect is still suppressed on the original target of the spell for 1 minute per spellthief class level. This ability does not work on spell effects that are immune to dispel magic.
  • Steal Energy Resistance: Beginning at 3rd level, a spellthief can siphon off some or all of a target’s resistance to an energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic). A spellthief who hits an opponent with a successful sneak attack can choose to forgo dealing 1d6 points of sneak attack damage and instead temporarily gain resistance 10 to an energy type to which his target is resistant (or immune). If the target is willing, a spellthief can steal energy resistance with a touch as a standard action. Simultaneously, the target creature’s resistance to that energy type is reduced by 10 (to a minimum of 0). A creature with immunity to an energy type retains that immunity. If his target has more than one type of resistance to energy, a spellthief can choose which kind to steal; otherwise, the DM determines the stolen resistance randomly from among those possessed by the target. If a spellthief chooses to steal a type of resistance that the target doesn’t possess, the stolen type of resistance is determined randomly from those possessed by the target. The resistance a spellthief gains from using this ability lasts for 1 minute. If the resistance is derived from a temporary effect (such as a spell), the stolen resistance disappears when the effect expires. A spellthief can use this ability multiple times, but its effects do not stack unless they apply to different types of energy. For example, throughout a long combat, a spellthief might use this ability to gain resistance to fire and resistance to cold, but he could not use it twice on a creature that is resistant to fire to gain twice as much resistance to fire (nor to reduce the creature’s resistance to fire by twice as much). At 11th level, a spellthief can steal resistance 20 to an energy type by using this ability, and at 19th level he can steal resistance 30 to an energy type.

Spells Known

Armor Lock
Level: Bard 1, hexblade 1, sorcerer/wizard 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target: One creature wearing armor
Duration: 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance: Yes
The plates and joints of your opponent’sarmor become as rigid as stone, encumbering his movement.
You cause the target’s armor to swell and stiffen, slowing the wearer’s movement and trapping him within. The target’s land speed is reduced to 10 feet. If the target has a burrow, climb, or swim speed, these are also reduced to 10 feet. The target also loses any Dexterity bonus to AC for the duration of the spell. While affected by this spell, the target cannot remove his armor; its joints are too tight and restrictive to escape from. This spell has no effect on unarmored opponents, creatures with only natural armor or an AC bonus from items other than armor, or those using only shields.

Silent Image
Level: Brd 1, Sor/Wiz 1
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Effect: Visual figment that cannot extend beyond four 10-ft. cubes + one 10-ft. cube/level (S)
Duration: Concentration
Saving Throw: Will disbelief (if interacted with)
Spell Resistance: No
This spell creates the visual illusion of an object, creature, or force, as visualized by you. The illusion does not create sound, smell, texture, or temperature. You can move the image within the limits of the size of the effect.
Focus: A bit of fleece

Special Abilities
1/day 6d8 Fire breath (30 ft cone) DC 15 (10+1/2 CL)
Immunity to Fire
Vulnerability to cold (+50% damage)
Low Light Vision
Darkvision (60 ft.)
Dragon Form: Once per day, shapeshift into dragon form. Shifting back to Khutit form (as stats above)is not limited to once per day. Shape shifting takes 3 rounds to complete, during which only move actions may be taken. If the process is interrupted, then the character reverts to the form they were originally in and is stunned for 1d4 rounds, after which they may try the shapeshifting again. A failed attempt does not count against the shapeshifting-per-day limit.**

**This ability is not immediately available to Melanath. See Bio for details.

Dodge (Designate an opponent. Gain a +1 Dodge bonus to AC vs attacks made by that opponent.)
Combat Reflexes (Can make a number of additional AOOs equal to DEX bonus. Can also make AOOs whilst Flat Footed.)
Improved Trip (Doesn not trigger AOO when tripping. Gain a +4 to STR made to trip)
Improved Disarm (Does not trigger AOO when disarming and gains +4 to opposed attack rolls made to disarm)
Deft Strike (Standard Action, uses Perception check vs DC equal to enemy AC. If successful, enemy loses armour and Nat armour bonus to AC)

Mithril Chain Shirt – 4 AC, 6 Max Dex, 0 AP
Healing Belt – +2 Competence bonus to Heal checks, 3 charges/day
Use: 1 charge: 2d8, 2 charges: 3d8, 3 charges: 4d8
+2 Heavy Steel Shield with spikes
Scabbard of Keen Edge (Keen Edge on bladed weapon 3 times per day)

Red Scale Guild Scarf: +2 Deflection bonus, Blight resist (Cannot be raised as Undead without permission).


Money: 8262gp 3sp

Niatha’s Fang:
~A longsword of fiendish origin, made from an incredibly durable bone-like material. The blade is curved, unlike the usual cruciform designs common to Istaria and tapers to a broad point; the crossguard is carved with runes. The weapon emits an aura of similtanious heat and cold, scorching and freezing flesh in proximity to the blade, even through armour.

Seeking Composite Bow:
~An enchanted longbow made up of many layers of wood, horn and sinew that is bound together with resin. The fore part of the grip is faced with spring-steel, adding additional power to its heft and improving its use in close quaters. Its arrows can home in on the target, negating the benefits of concealment.

~A utility tool and last ditch defence. The blade is a stiletto type with a heavy-duty wooden grip, ideally suited to finding the gaps in armour or severing jugulars.

~A stout oak shield rimmed with mild iron and faces with thick hide. The motif of the Redscale Guild adorns the front, and the centre boss tapers into a spike. The shield uses a punch grip, and is fitted with a guige (leather strap) that allows it to be slung over the shoulder when not in use.


3x Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1 HP)
3x Cure Moderate Wounds
5x Cure Serious Wounds
2x Boars Strength Potions
3x Keen Edge Potions
3x Hide from Undead Potions
1x Neutralise Poison

3x Blessed Bandages (Instantly stabilise wounded with a standard action)
2x Blast Disks (5d6 Fire damage on timer or proximity)
3x Confusion Bombs (As Confusion spell)

2x Wolf Pelts

Misc kit: Bedroll, waterskin, civilian clothes (three changes), crowbar, folding saw, rope (20 meters), compass, armour polish, sharpening stone, flint and striker, small flask of mead, dice (loaded), chocolate mice.


Being forcibly removed from his true form does no favours for the temper of what is already a naturally volatile creature. Still adapting to life amongst the bipedal races, Melanath sticks with what he knows: fighting. Occasionally supplamented with bouts of heavy drinking. His attitude and foul temper don’t garner him many friends, which is just the way he likes it.

Casting aside Lunus virtues of honour and integrity, he now seeks only to better his own lot amongst the races he has been indoctrinated to believe are his lessers. Dedicating himself fully to the fight against the Withered Aegis has nothing to do with altruism: he simply knows that stopping would put him face to face with his lost past.


Standing bipedally erect, the dragon’s Khutit form bears superficial resemblance to the lizard-like Sslik. His body retains it’s original colouration; gold-bronze scales with darker coppery stripes and a pale cream underside, and verdigris green eyes. His legs are digitigrade, and his digits are tipped with claws of considerable sharpness. His build is wiry and serpentine by human standards and he is around average human height.

He retains much of the biology that Dragons possess in their true form; thick scales protect him from enemies and the elements, and having a frame well suited to flight makes him agile, quick and light on his feet. He retains a thick reptillian tail which assists in balancing, though his wings now consist of boneless cape-like flaps of vestigial leather. He has a pair of horns on his head, though they are notably truncated: filed down to avoid being obtrusive beneath a helm.

He has numerous smaller scars and a particuarly nasty gash over his left eye from where an arrow nearly cost him his sight. A Recent duel with Mastrum Gorret left him with a jagged scar running diagonally through his chest scales.


Melanth is noted for his acid tongue and dark sense of humour; a hangover from his days as a Lunus warrior patrolling the bleak ash-wasted of Char, where fools do not survive. He is short-tempered and cynical, quick to judge and slow to trust. Though he never subscribed to the Lunus belief that the Bipedal Races were fundamentally inferior to Dragons, he nevertheless carries a measure of arrogance and indomitable (though jaded) pride. He is fond of music, singing and playing mindgames with the clueless peons surrounding him. He keeps even his close companions at a comfortable distance. Whilst otherwise spare and practical, he can at times be hedonistic and covertous of valuable trinkets.

Those who know him will find that his attitude is a mask for deep troubles still raw from his exile from Dralk. Though this only served to harden his resolve, the loss of his natural form was a severe blow to his self-perception, one from which he has never truely recovered.

He no longer carries much consideration for martial honour and has no qualms about fighting dirty or selling his sword to the highest bidder. Trained from hatching to be self-reliant, he now finds much use for ambush tactics and sleight of hand. He has learned to improvise with his weapons and surroundings, and fights cunningly rather than with brute force.


Little is known of Melanth’s history; he is careful to keep compromising details out of the knowledge of his comrades. Information such as his age, birthplace and previous acquaintances he remains tight lipped on and indeed regards as mostly irrelevant; as far as he is concerned, his life began when he joined the Redscale Company.

What little is known of his past is that he was once a warrior of the Lunus faction, but was exiled for unknown reasons. Under the terms of his exile he is not allowed to enter the city of Dralk and has had enchantments placed upon him that make it impossible for him to assume his natural form. His life after exile he was drawn into acting as muscle for a seedy Kirasanct underworld gang- a period which ultimately resulted in him doing time in a penal detachment of the Imperial Navy. After he was released he sought more secure and legitimate employment, eventually turning to the Redscale Company.

Mentions of his past life are painful to him, serving as an aching reminder that a fundamental and defining part of his being is gone forever. Similarly, interactions with dragons bring forth resentment, jealousy and bitterness. It is for that reason that he prefers to keep company with Bipeds even where other diversions might be available. He has long since cast aside the virtues of the Lunus faction, adopting instead a nihilistic and jaded outlook in which he fights for personal gain and the rush of euphoria that cheating death brings.

Personality Quirks
Eats most of his food raw- as a consequence has very bad breath
Alcohol dependant. Can become despondent if deprived of a drink for too long
Reluctant to part with valuable items
Prefers to sleep on perches or elevated places
Great enjoyment of heat and warmth
Occasionally uses his reptilian features to unnerve mammals (i.e licking his eyes, hissing etc)
Music has an intense effect upon his mood. Loves to sing, but isn’t very good at it
Lover of creature comforts. Especially gaudy (read: shiny) decoration and boot polish (which he applies to his scales)
Strong dislike of Bears


His relationship with the guild is a hit-and-miss affair; it allows him to fall back into a routine he was comfortable with as a Lunus warrior, but he has yet to master many of the nuances of living with Bipeds which serve as a constant irritation to him. He has trouble following orders issued by non-Dragons (in part borne from the ingrained arrogance of his race) and has been a regular tenant of the stockades for insolence and disrespect towards Officers. On the other hand he has come to find a grudging respect both for the guild leader and his comrades after seeing them in action. Broadly similar outlooks on life and a respect for skill-at-arms have fostered willing cooperation of not precisely open friendship.

Sol: Sol’s stoic and nearly emotionless nature is something of a mystery to him, as she seems to have achieved a mental balance that he could not hope to understand. Though he trusts her to reason without allowing her emotions to influence a decision, he views her military planning as leaving something to be desired. He will tease or poke fun at her on occasion, mostly as an effort to elicit a response.

Hrsag: The Half-Giant leader he regards with disdain, believing a (mere) healer to be unfit to lead a military unit. This is not helped by Hrsag’s generally poor combat and planning capability and tendency to sideline his leadership duties, leading the Dragon to believe that Hrsag is generally assigned those units that are expected to under-perform in the field. Though professional enough to keep these thoughts to himself, he has been known to spike his scales when the Half-Giant tries to give him a backrub.

Nathanew: Melanth awards the Fiend a very grudging respect after witnessing the destruction he can rain from afar. However, the Fiend’s scathing and smarmy nature win no favours on the friendship front. Melanth makes a hobby out of one-upping him in conversations, and offering him ‘gifts’ that a Dragon might find appealing but are repulsive to a Biped.

Alva: Her light-hearted and easily distracted nature is irritating to him, though he finds the empathy she displays intensely fascinating as he largely lacks this quality himself. Her affinity with animals strikes a chord- perhaps because he is more than half animal himself, and leads him to question whether or not he has a crush on her. Her enjoyment of revelry, song and alcohol often lead to the two getting into trouble together; he regards her as something of a drinking buddy.

Hathril: Hathril’s relative inexperience of the adventuring life make Melanth question his suitability for the job; though he has proven to be an able combatant his incautiousness makes the Dragon wonder how long it will be before he causes serious harm to himself or someone else. He has little time for the Dryad’s pranks or mischief and is secretly brewing some suitable payback, taking the view he could stand to be knocked down a peg.

Ludwig Gristgear: Melanth houses an intense dislike for the Gnome, bordering on physical violence. Ludwig’s disregard for life in pursuit of his studies he regards as anathema and dishonourable in the extreme- especially considering the already depleted populations of the Living Races. He draws paralells between Ludwig’s conduct and that of the Withered Aegis.

Rah’ko: The wily Saris bandit he distrusts, knowing her motives to be mostly materialistic in nature which provokes wariness in light of his own avaricious tendencies. Despite their mutual efforts to kill each other he does not hold it against her, regarding it as quirks of their respective trades. Melanth entertains a sexual interest in the elusive thief.

Gunzheg Fangthoth: The grizzled guild leader he has come to regard as a figure worthy of respect and obedience. His exact relationship with Gunzheg remains unknown to others, but it is known that the two knew each other before his arrival in Bristugo. Despite his usual maveric tendencies Melanth only ocasionally questions Gunzheg’s orders.

Melanath Nachenthu

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