Age of Endless Winter (10,000 BR - 3,730 BR)


The Age of Endless Winter began shortly after the Dikiana Impact event. After the meteoric impact in the shallow seas far off the coast of Selen, a cycle of heavy volcanism was triggered throughout mainland Aradoth. Blotting out the sky with ash, winters over the final years of the Age of the Dragon became longer and harsher, causing crops to fail and sparking mass migrations. Hardest hit were the Elves, who were forced to migrate out of the Selen region and into Tazoon.

This age was characterised by the bipedal races struggling to survive in a suddenly and violently changing world, as well as a marked decline of the Draconic race as tensions grew and began to divide the populace. Major political and racial shifts occoured, as well as the loss of cohesion in the established scholarly and magical bodies of the world.

Note: The Age of Endless Winter is chronicled solely by the Dragons, who retained accounts in the vast libraries of Dralk (later Chiconis). In the standardised Imperial accounts this Age is considered part of the Age of the Sorceror.

9980 BR: Ashlandar Vandus is declared king of Humanity. Survivors of Barasavus begin to congregate near the agrarian town of Dalimond and hill-fort of Bristugo, seeking security in numbers. Times are hard and the once fertile land is covered in ash, earning the king-to-be his monkier.

9979 BR: Enlightened Takai recieve a vision from their Goddess, Nyrevin, asking them to come to her realm and live under her wings to learn her ways. They turn to their friends the Dryads for help into the Realm of Spirit. The Dryads are initially shocked and horrified by the proposal, but are eventually convinced to accept. Research begins on interplanar transplantation, or the shifting of an area from one planar region to another.

9975 BR: Abandoning their homes, the Elves launch a military expedition to claim the lands of Dalimond Penninsula as a new home for themselves. The Elven forces are soundly beaten back with great losses. In the same year the Magical Colleges close their doors to applicants, citing magical disturbances that are lethal to unskilled mages.

9969 BR: A second Elven force reaches Dalimond and lays siege to the new town. At the same time, an Elven fleet sails from Feledan and circumnavigates Dalimond Penninsula, pillaging the towns of South March and the human outpost of Bridgeview. On the return voyage, Sslik and Saris artillery in Sslanis open fire and sink the majority of the fleet, believing they were to be subject to a raid.

9968 BR: The Schism. Rent by internal debate, the splitting of Helians followers from Lunus’ opposition occours after Lunus warriors attack an isolated Human settlement in the Granite Hills and Helian aligned dragons intercede and try to stop them. The argument turns violent and a number of dragons on both sides are killed. Helian withdraws with her followers from Dralk and begins a self-imposed exile.

9968-early 9967 BR: With the help of the Dryads, the Takai remove their country of Badaalupa from the prime and migrate to the plane of Spirits

9965 BR: Ashlandar Vandus negotiates a cessation of hostilities with the Elves, granting small groups shelter on the border of his lands in return for their aid sustaining the Human’s crops with nature magic. A rag-tag Elven fleet lands on Lesser Aradoth and Sslanis is attacked in retaliation for the destruction of the first, inflicting many casualties in the city and its outlying settlements.

9964 BR: Following reports of stolen livestock, Human troops discovers Helian’s dragons roosting upon Dalimond Ridge and Vandus leads a large body of forces against them, capturing most without a fight. General Lunus immediately leads hs forces in retaliation, threatening to wipe Dalimond off the face of the earth if the dragons are not released. Vandus complies.

9960 BR: Humans north of the now devestated Tazoon Plains congregate together for security. Disorganised and desperate, they fragment and resort to banditry, plaguing those communities struggling to survive the ash and ice.

9954 BR: A force of desperate Elven refugees attacks and captures the settlement of Kaiala, digging in and issuing a challenge to the Sslik and Saris. The refugees are immediately overrun by the troops of the two combined races, but captured prisoners prove a point of contention when the two cannot agree on how to deal with them; the Saris seeks to repatriate the prisoners, where the Sslik would execute them. A skirmish ensues when tensions grow too heated- the only known instance of organised fighting between the Saris and Sslik races.

9952 BR: The Magical Collages officially disband and go their seperate ways. Magic users rise high in Human politics in return for their aid against the bumerous raiding bands.

9951 BR: The Dian-Takai Portal, their connection to the Prime from the Spirit realms in a temple deep in the Grantitefall mountains, closes. The Takai no longer have contact to the living world other than through planeswalkers and the spirits of the dead. The dryads who were observing the gate leave shortly afterwards.

9950 BR: Founding of Chiconis. After trying unsuccessfully to establish a settlement on Dalimond Ridge, and meeting stiff opposition from the Lunus who refuse to allow them to colonise an already devestated Draak, Helian and her dragons finally settle in the Granitefall Mountains and begin excavation of their city. Tensions are high between them and the Humans, as the Helians occasionally steal food from the increadingly desperate inhabitants of Dalimond Penninsula.

9945 BR: Battle of Badden Hill. Vandus again leads his forces against the Helians, seeking to drive them from the Granitefall Mountains. Lunus leads a force in opposition, but the two parties manage to mediate an agreement before much blood is shed.

9941 BR: Ashlandar Vandus dies and is laid to rest in a hidden tomb. His sons take over the govenance of his kingdom.

9930 BR: The seas between Trandlar and Drift Point freeze solid. Icebergs become an ever present hazard near Mahagra. throughout mainland Aradoth snow begins to fall. It does not stop.

9884 BR: Roaming bands of Humans encounter Half-Giants heading south. They begin to adopt similar methods of living to cope with the endless winter.

9880 BR: Fearing for their future, Humans, Gnomes and Dwarves gather all the records of both magical and mundane natures that they have compiled over the centuries and entrust them in great secrecy to the Helian Dragons. Solemnly accepting the burden, they begin the construction of a vast library in an ancient magma chamber deep beneath the Granitefall Mountains.

9750 BR: The Kingdom of Morathaven (in its then form) falls. Starvation forces the inhabitants to abandon their lofty mountain fortress and seek more hospitable lands. The ruins become a haven for bandits and exiles.

9649 BR: The cycles of volcanism continue without abatement. The Lunus homeland of the Char becomes unstable for the first time since the great Drulkar awoke the mountains; eruptions all but destroy Dralk and force the surviving Lunus into the peripheries. The abandoned Tower of Warlocks is occupied by the dragons.

9602 BR: The shallow valleys of Dalimond Ridge are now home to glaciers, which calve into the sea near where the town of Pleasant Canyon will one day stand.

9551 BR: Humans of Dalimond now make wide use of Half Giant dress and building technique. Organised bands of the Vandus Kingdom plunder bandit hideouts to feed their population.

9538 BR: Lunus dragons begin probing the continent of Trandlar. Striking out from their homeland of the Char, Lunus scholars begin a study of the long ruined Half-Giant civilisation that once dwelt there. The cold impedes work.

9499 BR: Devestated by the endless winter, Elves scratching a living in the remains of Feledan establish a rigid caste structure in which the families with essential skills are to be preserved at the expense of unskilled workers.

9440 BR: Cycles of volcanism in the Char cease to be unstable and resume their former patterns. Lunus dragons return to Dralk and begin the long, slow process of rebuilding their city. Outposts in Trandlar are manned by the warrior breed.

9230 BR: Intrepid human adventurers comb the ruins of Brasavus. They re-discover the Saris living in the area north of Dryart; a sub species with fur patterned in snowy hues.

9133 BR: Sslik of Lesser Aradoth Arrive in Dalimond with an unexpected proposition: they will provide food to sustain the beleagured Humans in return for aid against increasingly bold Half-Giant raiders. The Vandus Kingdom agrees.

9000 BR: By this time much of the great works of philosophy, artistry and science that abounded in Barasavus have been forgotten.

8930 BR: Human mercenaries and soldiers garrison the city of Sslanis and repel a concentrated serise of Half-Giant raids. Saris also hire their services to a lesser extent.

8895 BR: A naval battle occours off the shores of Kion. Half Giants fight boarding actions from Humans and Saris as they attempt to raid the town. The smaller races make a mistake in tangling with the brutes in such close quaters and fail. Kion is sacked.

8850 BR: By this time the magical orders are but a distant memory. Magical use survives primarily in the Helians, who continue to dwell in their city surviving off fish and seals plucked from the ice flows near Selen, and in the Human courts. Saris dwelling in Lesser Aradoth continue to practice Life Magics.

8820 BR: Unseasonal winds blow ash from the Char across the nation of Rachival, choking the city and disrupting research.

8755 BR: Northern Aradoth is effectively cut off from the rest of the world by a huge glacial flow nearly a mile tall that stretches from Duskhold to Harton Valley. Metals become scarce in the city of Aughundell.

8596 BR: The spread of glaciers and vast snowfields makes digging iron from the Tazoon mines a nigh impossible task. Lesser Aradoth, Dalimond and Feledan resort to using native copper clawed out of the Black Mountains.

8284 BR: Gnomes experiment with travel gates. Hiring Satyr from the Isle of Alged, they introduce the horned ones to the technology and have them seed it in secret, stratigically placed resource nodes around Aradoth, ensuring they continue to recieve a steady supply or resources. This ushures in an age of close cooperation between the Gnomes and Satyr.

7000 BR: Temperature increases result in lessened effects of sea ice. Satyr traders again begin to visit ports.

6820 BR: Certain tribes of Human forces stationed in Kion mutiny and try to take the city. They are driven off by Loyalists to the Kingdom of Vandus and native Saris, but many escape into the sea and take to piracy.

6784 BR: Scorpion Isle is re-discovered by Human explorers. A small colony is established, but it fails after a few years due to distance considerations.

6733 BR: Dryads are spotted in the regions south of Feledan. Their presence is responded to with hostility by barbarian and bandit tribes, who quickly begin to view the Dryads an a quasi-mytological light.

6599 BR: The colony of Draak and the Dwarves of Delgarth reach a trade agreement, exchanging resources and expertese.

6584 BR: First outside documentation that the ruins of Morathaven play host to a renegade wizard who has somehow managed to unite several disparate tribes of barbarians and animal worshippers against encroachment from Half-Giants who have expanded across the Kirasanct Plateau. The barbarians say that the wizard does not age.

6555 BR: The Dwarves, now bereft of fuel for their forges and on the verge of starvation, entreat the Satyr traders for information about where their stocks come from. The Satyr refuse. Turning to the arcane, the Dwarves deduce with the aid of an exiled Gnomian scholar that a travel gate network is in existence below the Aughundell Plains. They expand from their fastnesses aggressively and begin a huge excavation operation to capture it.

6002 BR: Reports of skirmishing between Human and snow-Saris near the glacial wall.

5967 BR: Helian dragons trade iron in small quantities with the Kingdom of Vandus.

5962 BR: Though a sop, the iron traded by the Helians is insufficient to meet the Vandus needs. Hiring Half-Giant mercenaries the Humans hope to open the trade at sword-point, but the plan goes awy when the Half-Giants betray them. The town of Sanctuary Bay is captured and its residents are raped and massacared.

5961 BR: The Dwarves of Aughundell complete their open-caste mining operation, ironically uncovering a great deal of resources beneath the glacier. Collapses and cave-ins are a horrifyingly common occourance, but the hijacked travel gates allow them to expand beyond their icy tomb.

5945 BR: Fires destroy the town of Bristugo. Popular opinion is that the Half-Giants are responible.

5939 BR: More fighting between the Kingdom of Vandus and the Half-Giant tribes. The long-standing conflict is finally decided when the Humans make a stand in the valley near Tishlar, amassing an army so great that it’s shield-wall stretches from one side of the valley to the other, and stands four ranks deep. The Half-Giants are pushed back beyond Harton Valley.

5910 BR: Still consolidating from driving the Half-Giants from their lands, The Kingdom of Vandus is assaulted by large raids of bandits descending from the north.

5887 BR: The former Morathaven has established itself as a state under the leadership of its mysterious wizard. Assailed constantly by barbarians and bandits and harkening from duidic origins, the country enacts a ritual that allows its warriors to take the shape of wolves to better fight in the snow. The ritual goes awry though; not all can control their new form, and the affliction proves to be contageous through unknown means. A civil war then erupts as the population attempt to contain the lycanthropy outbreak. Lycanthropy also spreads through the bandits who come into contact with infected.

5882 BR: Elves exploring the coasts of southern Aradoth encounter the isle of Dikiana; they document a gigantic crater and active lava flows, with a sizable landmass also present.

5876 BR: The Morathaven civil war ends with the Infected gaining control of the country and driving the uninfected out. The Wizard is never found, but his creations set about developing methods of controlling the savage impulses of Werewolves.

5743 BR: Civil war in the Elven kingdoms as the underclasses attempt a revolt. Both sides claim victory, though in effect the status quo remains.

5711 BR: Skirmishes between the Gnomes and the Dwarves as the glacier seperating them suffers a melt. The Gnomes object to the Dwarven use of their network.

5678 BR: Humans exploring the seas in their longships Uncover the Satyr Isles. Human raids on the Satyrs become an occasional occourance.

5656 BR: Further glacial melts make working the Tazoon iron deposits feasable once more. Relations between the Helians and Kingdom of Vandus ease considerably.

5629 BR: Lunus forces raid a human army bound for Elenath that had taken shelter at the Peak of Contemplation (later to be the Peak of Storms) and take them as slaves.

5584 BR: The seas around southern Dalimond remain free of ice for the first winter in millennia.

5500-4500 BR: Warmer winters and calmer weather patterns throughout Istaria signal that the worst of the ice age is coming to an end. Contemporary accounts recorded by the Satyr and Helians indicate that this began a period of regrowth and re-population, as well as a major upheaval in population as the pressures of survival allowed once again for the pursuit of knowledge. Anatomical records of ancient Barasavus indicate the the ice age has had an affect on the physiology of many races also; Dwarves and Gnomes (who spent much of the age isolated in the North) became comparatively smaller and stockier, whereas Humans and Elves (who were trapped in the South) grew taller and developed generally paler skin.

4278 BR: Plague strikes the dragon city of Chiconis. Efforts by Lunus physicians to assist only serve to spread the disease to Dralk. The weakest and youngest seem to be the main victims.

4269 BR: First contact between the Kingdom of Vandus and Morathaven. Werewolves stalking the snowy ore-fields of Tazoon happen upon a mining encampment and introduce themselves in their human guise.

4264 BR: The Lycanthropy affliction becomes known within Dalimond. Court mages quickly deduce that the disease is of supernatural origin and try to find a cure.

4250 BR: Believing their woes to be of a similar origin, Helians and the Kingdom of Vandus cooperate closely to study their afflictions, although tensions between them remain high. In the process, the Humans regain a great deal of the documentation pertaining to magical knowledge that they had entrusted to the Dragons for safekeeping. The practice of magic is still very much taboo, but need no longer be passed from master to pupil.

4247 BR: A party of adventurers, seeking an answer for the Lycanthropy scourge brave the hazards of Feledan and venture deep into Selen forest in search of the mythical nature spirits that dwell there. They return to Dalimond accompanied by a Dryad.

4244 BR: First reported case of Lycanthropy amongst the Elves.

4222 BR: Despite its setbacks, the Kingdom of Vandus continues to expand as the ice melts away. Contact and trade with the Dwarves is re-established, after initial shock from the Humans who had come to regard them as either a mythological (or possibly extinct) species with some less than flattering folklore attached.

4180 BR: Melting ice and rapidly rising sea levels cut off what would become Fabric Isle from the mainland. Dalimond is also flooded and expanded further inland, and many settlements in low-lying areas are drowned. With the assistance of the Dryads, Humans finally find a cure for Lycanthropy, discovering that the affliction they suffered from and that of the Dragons are unrelated. The Kingdom of Vandus is surprised to find that Morathaven rejects the offer of a cure.

4104 BR: Descendants of Vandus send emmisarries throughout much of Aradoth in an effort to gain popular support amongst their own population. The ploy works when many emmisaries return with exotic goods and tales of races and lands that are little more than legend amongst humans at the time.

4065 BR: The first magic user is crowned king of Dalimond, popularising the use of magic amongst noble human houses.

4000 BR: Dryads find a large unoccupied expanse of land to the east of Delgarth. Cut by mighty rivers carrying rich alluvial deposits from retreating glacial activity, they begin to plant an immense forest in the fertile soil.

3974 BR: First official census since the fall of Barasavus. Magically gifted noble houses in Dalimond accept the progeny of the magically gifted as pupils, beginning to re-form the magical orders. The Tower of Healing in the Tazoon desert is re-occupied.

3952 BR: The King of Dalimond charters the formation of noble houses within the kingdom, granting titles to those with wealth and influence. Half-Giants occupying the region around Granite Hills are forced to retreat northwards by Lycanthropes.

3949 BR: The Dragon race retreats into hiding, ravaged by the plagues that have been affecting them for almost seven hundred years. Though many dragons survive the plague and become resistant to it, often those who do are rendered infertile.

3930 BR: Human colonies are re-established on Scorpion Isle. The terrain is fertile and rich in resources. Dalimons and its allied states undergo an economic boom.

3927 BR: Dwarves and Gnomes sign peace accords. Though officially hostilities ended centuries ago, both races feel motivated to make amends.

3922 BR: Rogue Lycanthropes infiltrate and infect a number of barbarian clans in Northern Tazoon.

3911 BR: Facing plummeting birth rates and food shortages, Helian Scaleshapers and anatomists develop improvements to the Khutit form. Initially used only during official interactions and recreation, the humanoid form is easier to sustain and preform medical procedures upon than a multi-ton quadrupedal dragon. Use of the form becomes more popular.

3885 BR: Lycnathropes move further into the Tazoon region, clearing out large sections of the wasteland as their infection spreads. The shapeshifters of Morathaven begin to threaten the ironworks of Dalimond, and rouse the ire of several other human kingdoms in the area.

3877 BR: War officially erupts between Moathaven and Dalimond. Despite protestations from Morathaven that the creatures attacing the human settlements are rogues, Lycanthropes hold such loathing in the eyes of humans and their allies that no one makes distinctions.

3869 BR: Following a thrty year migration back towards their ancestral homeland, the Elves re-settle the area of Feledan. The city is rebuilt on a promentory several miles from the site of the original, which now lies at the bottom of the Gulf of Selen.

3847 BR: Many barbarian tribes swear fealty to the Kings of Dalimond, long having been plagued by the menace from the north. Lunus dragons secretly back Morathaven with magical aid, but have little affect the outcome of the struggle. Using silver gifted by the Dwarves, Dalimond and its allies sack Morathaven after a serise of pitched battles. For reasons unrecorded by history, the Lycanthropy curse is no longer transmissable.

Circa 3820 BR: Though the Lycanthrope domination of central Aradoth has been broken, a great many prisoners remain. Though there are calls for genocide, it is eventually decided that the survivors should be exiled to an island far to the east of Mahagra. Escaped and the few remaining free lycanthropes are hunted by knights of the Chivalrous Houses.

3754 BR: The magical orders are officially re-established in their distinctive roles and the Towers reoccupied. Flagship noble houses of Dalimond become influential beyond the borders of the human kingdom in this role, and the borders of Dalimond are re-drawn to stretch from Dryart in the east to Harton Valley in the West, and as far north as the Kirasanct tundra. This expanse of land becomes known as the Kingdom of Vandus.

3737 BR: Dwarven and Elven ambassadors meet with the official of the Kingdom of Vandus, solifidying burgeoning relations between the long seperated races.

Here in the Year 3730 BR the last of the ice that had covered Dralk since the beginning of this age some seven thousand years earlier melted, thus officially ending the Age of Endless Winter in Draconic historical accounts. Human accounts continue in the Age of the Sorceror.

Age of Endless Winter (10,000 BR - 3,730 BR)

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