Age of the Sorceror (3,730 BR - 212 BR)

Age of the Sorceror (3,730 BR – 212 BR)

The Age of the Sorceror is characterised by a massive expansion of the Orders of Magic. As magical research and development had become steadily more and more accepted during the previous era, the potential of the schools of magic was realised and capitalised upon during this age.

As the young Kingdom of Vandus seeks to establish itself as the driving force of the age, it catalyses the stagnating species of Aradoth into action. Considered a golden age for merchants, philosophers and explorers seeking the ruins of the once mighty civilisations that existed before the ice, the world enters a prosperous phase.

As the Satyr, Dwarves and Elves fought to regain their former momentum, the dragons began to question the continued existence of their very race. Though conflicts of ideals were not uncommon between the two factions, in many ways the deep-seated distrust fostered seven thousand years earlier found its roots with the return of humanity to ascendancy.

However even in this time of triumph and ingenuits the seeds of darker times to come were being sown. Behind the mask of magical triumph old fears and suspicions remained, and secret police were commissioned to control powers beyong the ken of any normal man. Political intrigue was rife, and would set the stage for the events that would shape the Age of Lamentations.

3725 BR: Dalimond is now a very large city and a lynchpin of the Magical and Noble Orders. The city quickly becomes powerful and sports many mighty mages amongst its leaders.

3701 BR: Invention of the Standardised Travel Gate by Gnomian inventors. Learning from their earlier unreliable models, this design roughly follows concepts traditional to Draconic Travel Gates but dispenses with many magical components in favour of more servicable mechanical ones.

3674 BR: Dryads plant the Great Tree just outside of Bristugo as a symbol of friendship and magical cooperation between Sorcerous and Druidic schools. New Travel Gates allow for near instantanious communication- previously it took nearly a five months for a ship to travel from Dalimond to Palymrya. Offshoots of this tree go on to form a thick forest in the surrounding area.

3666 BR: Construction of the Observatory in southern Dalimond Penninsula. The combined Human-Gnomian project further improves understanding of the magical arts and cosmology. The Kingdom of Vandus is organised into its constituent regions, with large amounts of autonomy given to local kings.

3657 BR: Formation of the Executive Office, which uses magical means to covertly monitor threats and dissidents both inside and outside of the Kingdom of Vandus. This group will eventually become the Withered Aegis and the ancestors of the Fiends.

3652 BR: Founding of Izzon Crest as a fishing town.

3649 BR: General Lunus and Helian the Scholar engage in talks to try and resolve the differences plagueing their factions. Heated remarks follow, but some headway is made; Lunus founds the draconic town of Naka’jira as a meeting place between Dragons and Bipedal races. In the same year Helian becomes pregnant and rumors of an affair abound.

3643 BR: Saris re-colonise the town of Dryart and rebuild it with the help of desert nomads. Explorers probing the ruins of the Barasvian Empire recover many artifacts.

3640 BR: Invention of the Cargo Disk by Gnomian tinkers. Combined with the Travel Gates they make old style horse-drawn carts obsolete. Horses are culled in record numbers and used only for mounted combat, sport, and showing.

3617 BR: A border dispute between the Kingdom of Morathaven and Rachival escalates into a full blown war. The capital cities of both kingdoms are burnt in the fighting, but the war becomes a stalemate.

3586 BR: Elenath and the surrounding Isles of Alged, Corvus and Dahibi declare themselves independant of the Satyr Confederation after a particuarly nasty slump in trade and high taxes demanded by Bachan.

3573 BR: Human ships searching for a faster route to Palymrya discover a strange, far away continent. Dwarven and Gnomian experts accompany future expeditions, uncovering many strange races and cultures that they document. Bizzarrely, they also find other cultures of species native to Aradoth.

3562 BR: Dwarves of Delgarth delve ever deeper in search of valuable minerals. They strike Cold Iron and Adamantium.

3560 BR: Adamantium arms and armour become extremely valuable on the open market. Trade in these arms is closely regulated by the Dwarves.

3546 BR: Diamond deposits are discovered in the Wall Mountains. The subsequent diamond rush causes the opening of a navigable road linking the East and Western continents.

3504 BR: Magicians begin experimenting with Planar travel using modified Travel Gates. Their discoveries start a trend of powerful mages setting out on ‘planar safaris’ where they research and/or hunt the many strange and otherworldly beings found in alternate realms. Goods from these realms are highly valued and prompt migrations amongst the common populace.

3415 BR: Overcrowding of Aughundell prompts Dwarven expeditions further and further afield. New delvings are established on Genevia Isle and Trandalar. Migrations occur, and these colonies soon begin producing goods of their own.

3403 BR: Similar overcrowding in Rachival and Morathaven prompts the Gnomes and Humans living there to follow suit. Gnomian settlements sprout all across Genevia Isle. Humans on the other hand colonise the further extents of Scorpion Isle; its vast open plains and deep, fertile soil make it a major producer of grains and textiles within a few short years.

3375 BR: The Hammer of Kings, an artifact that would become associated with the Dwarven Royalty, is forged by an unknown master crafter.

3369 BR: Founding of Meadowhill.

Circa 3330 BR: Half-Giants increasingly take to the seas in this era, spurred on by a local drop in temperature which causes crops to fail. Raiders strike at new colonies and a particuarly bold party even tries to raid the stronghold of Sable shore before being annihilated. Many races petition the Half-Giants to cease their raiding, but few are prepared to offer aid.

3288 BR: Many members of the Elven nobility meet with unfortunate accidents; rumors of foul play abound. It sparks a wave of political intrigue and assassinations as paranoia grips the kingdom.

3262 BR: Formation of the first organised Adventurer’s Guild. Though it provides much needed support to roving bands of treasue and glory seekers, not many enjoy paying the required fees.

3251 BR: Satyr of a particuarly hedonistic sect of Bachanthus worshippers set out amongst the lands to ‘research’ cross species copulation. Their tomes become popular reading for females the world over, though the Sslik fail to make an appearance in their book, much to the amusement of those familiar with Sslik anatomy.

3221 BR: Attempts to colonise Dikaina fail; colonists return speaking of monsters with many faces and strange golems made of impenetrable crystal.

3142 BR: Massive grain production in Scorpion Isle ensures plentiful food for all, leaving more time for research and scientific pursuits. Many advances in medicines, philosophy and herbalism are made. The first Istarian hospital opens in Kion.

3084 BR: Helian mages researching the Planes discover the Void-aligned energy plane that would later become the Rift. Unfortunatly, the dragon in question is badly wounded by even brief exposure and dies shortly after. The discovery sparks a wave of interest in the Magical Collages.

3008 BR: Spurred on by a wave of interest in the magical community, an Elven mage detects the influence of the Realm of Blight. Further experimentation reveals a myriad of possible uses for the energies native to this plane.

2947 BR: After a magical accident occouring at a research faciity near Vagrant’s Rest all further study of the Realm of Blight is banned. The Executive Office appropriates all available material pertaining to the realm and seals it away in vaults in the hills north of Old Oaks.

2915 BR: Particuarly brutal winter storms flood coastal settlements the world over. Sanctuary Bay is especially badly hit.

2858 BR: The Kingdom of Vandus now stands at least as strong as the Barasvian Empire of old. Lunus dragons again begin to speak of a cull as human settlements encroach into their volcanic homeland.

2826 BR: The city of Tazoon is founded by the Kingdom of Vandus over the ruins of the Ancient Barasvian Empire. Backed by a prevailing egalitarian and pacifistic philosophy of the time, the Humans send envoys to all races inviting them to take part in the building of the city. Most accept; Only the Satyr decline, forseeing the end of the trade monopoly they have enjoyed for epochs. Lunus ‘architects’ with very functional appearing ceremonial weapons observe in attendance.

2739 BR: Construction of Tazoon is complete. The city features grand opena areas and quaters dedicated to providing for racial needs. Despite being located in the middle of a desert the city is contains many canals which are fed by vast underground aquaducts.

Circa 2650 BR: A golden age for the Living Races. Very few major conflicts, though a strangely high prevalence of natural disasters slow down what should have been something of a rennaisence. Races intermingle and cultural reservations grow increasingly thin. With the Satyr monopoly on bulk trade quashed, industry and craftsmanship flourish. The bounderies between art and artifice become increasingly blurred.

2530 BR: The rulers of the Kingdom of Vandus begin to take increasing notice of the Executive Office, who have eyes and ears across the breadth of the world. Driven by paranoia and an urge to control, Human leadership slowly but steadily slips towards totalitarianism. Factions speak out against draconian control, but are quickly ‘persuaded’ otherwise.

2450 BR: Gold is discovered in the mountains south of Mahgra. The town of Summit is founded to take advantage of the find.

2407 BR: Death of General Malganival Lunus during a training accident in Dralk.

2403 BR: Death of Helian the Scholar of natural causes. She survived her great rival by four years and is interred in a tomb hidden somewhere upon Dalimond Ridge.

2375 BR: Deprived of their leadership both factions of Dragon society are in turmoil. Extremist Lunus, long fearful of the growing power of humanity begin to speak openly of pre-emptive strikes. This is not helped when the Kingdom of Vandus stretches its reach to Frost Boulder, on the Lunus borders.

2321 BR: Sslik students are accepted into the Magical Orders for the first time. The traditional Sslik practice of Blood Magic was previously considered anathema, however sorcerors undertake studies of the practice to learn of its origins and conclude otherwise.

2254 BR: The human king Darrius IV of Dalimond and his entire retinue are murdered by brigands near Izzon Crest. The crown jewels are lost.

2244 BR: Lunus ambassadors spy on Helians from within their own city, suspecting the Helians of complacency to their imagined threat. Though no evidence is found, they succeed in stealing knowledge of the improved version of Khutit form. They further modify it to be suitable for combat and reconnisance operations.

2092 BR: The Isle of Dikaina is successfully colonised for the first time by a combined Human-Dwarven expedition. The blast from the uncovered sources of Cold Iron, Adamantium and rare fluxes that were unknown outside of Delgarth. Four towns are set up around the isle to exploit the find, though few dare to venture into the crater itself.

1993 BR: Several Lycanthropes escape their icy prison via unknown means, only to be recaptured by the magical orders and sent off for study. One successfully escapes yet again and wreaks havok amongst the Tower of Wizardry.

1936 BR: A mining disaster kills many hundreds in Aughundell

1877 BR: A rash of assassinations, particuarly amongst the Civalric Houses of the Kingdom of Vandus is met with hightened tensions between political figures. Though the knights and their Chivalric Houses are all but defunct, they retain voting rights in many privy councils and are often at odds with the Executive Office.

1862 BR: Several dragons in Khutit form are surprised by sercurity inside the headquarters of the Executive Office in the midst of stealing important documentation. All subsequently die under torture and a confession for the assassinations of knights is produced.

1821 BR: Enterprising captains take their vessels on long voyages to distant lands. Though not all return, many survive to bring back goods and tales of distant places inhabited by strange animal-folk.

1717 BR: Half-Giants resume their raiding operations, striking at Kion, Solace and Sslanis. Sslik slaves are sold to Elves in Feledan, the raiders having little use for them.

1683 BR: Saris and Dryad researchers cooperate in investigating a link between the practitioners of Life Magic and Druidisim. The Orders take exception to this and attempt to stamp out the practice.

1681 BR: Protesting high taxes on commodities following a serise of bad crops, a rebellion erupts in Morathaven. It is put down bloodily.

1534 BR: Gnomes launch their first steam propelled vessel from a port in Mala, on the isle of Genevia. The ship, called ‘Axelshaftturnedbytheexpansionofsuperheatedfluidsunderpressure’ becomes a popular export design, particuarly amongst the Satyr whose trade is held at the mercy of wind and storms. The name, however, is quickly revised.

1505 BR: The last known horse in Aradoth dies in captivity. Horses had long been the sole purview of the Civalric Houses, far out of the price range of commoners and more even tempered oxen being preferred as draft animals.

1442 BR: War between the Kingdom of Vandus and Kion. The war began after a trade dispute where a lack of productivity in Saris gold mines devalued Human currency. It is a relatively brief and bloodless affair; Kion is taken and looted by Human amphibious forces, but the Human king Malenchi is amongst the few killed. Flagrant illegitimacy and numerous potential heirs call the line of succession into question.

1441 BR: Three factions exist in the Kingdom of Vandus, each supporting a different potential heir. Historians and royal aides cannot reach a consensus on which heir (if any) is the legitimate inheritor of the Kingdom of Vandus. The kingdom of Morathaven, long feeling oppressed by the Vandian yolk, secedes. Civil war begins.

1437 BR: Civil war rages merrily in the Kingdom of Vandus, with valid claims and powerful magically assisted armies on all sides. Faction headquaters of Dalimond, Bristugo and Central Valley all burn and are rebuilt, and burnt again in the course of events. The Executive Office largely backs Malenchi’s youngest and most magically gifted progeny, but being numerically inferior seeks any advantage they can. Forbidden vaults in the hills of Old Oaks are opened and plundered, and Blight magic is rediscovered.

1435 BR: The Kingdom of Morathaven takes advantage of the chaos in Dalimond to capture Vandus settlements in more habitable lands surrounding Duskhold, Heather and the Granite Hills. Retaliations occur bringing further devestation to both sides. Aughundell is also attacked in the confusion.

1429 BR: By now only one heir still lives; the other three factions have surrendered and been subsumed by the victors. Only the Executive Office holds out; they are regarded as traitors and were given no quater. They start to experiment with forbidden Blight and Primal magic and gain a large following of ambitious magic users who chafe under the restrictions of the Mage’s Council.

1410 BR: The Kingdom of Morathaven meets the Vandus Confederacy in battle near Four Corners. fleeing mages of the Executive Office are caught in the crossfire. In desperation the mages draw upon forbidden magics and experimental intonements, wreaking untold havoc amongst the battling armies before disappearing into the ice wastes.

1387 BR: A force from the Vandus Confederacy combs the ice wastes for the remainder of the Executive Office. Their exposure to the blight begins to warp their minds; many fall to madness. Finding nothing, this force is redirected to assault the Kingdom of Morathaven. Lacking troops, Morathaven surrenders and is annexed by the Vandus Confederation.

Circa 1200 BR: In the aftermath of the conflict, many humans who were devided by war began to settle back into society under the rule of the Vandus Confederacy. Similarly, magic users who were exiled or chose to side with the Executive office returned to their stations in the Colleges of Magic- bringing with them forbidden teachings and practices which began to poison their students. The remnants Executive Office went into hiding in the ice wastes surrounding Kirasanct Plateau, becoming little more than a dark rumor.

1186 BR: Forces of the Executive Office set sail from neutral Mahagra and launch a surprise attack on the town of Tishlar where many disobedient mages are being held in prison camps. The escapees burn and pillage their way north to their sanctuaries in the ice wastes.

1150 BR: Niatha Moraven appears before the mages of the Executive Office. Noting their predeliction towards revenge, she proposes a deal; offering them the power they sought in return for obesience. Most agree. A faction led by Torrin Macalir decline, opting to go their own way.

1146 BR: Birth of the Fiends. Niatha’s blessing was carried out on those magic users who had chosen exile in the aftermath of the conflict, transforming their nature and appearance. The newly created Fiends immediately declare a blood feud with the Vandus Confederacy.

1102 BR: The Lunus annual tradition known as the Challenge of the Young Drakes spills out of its normal arena. Over enthusiastic drakes pillage Bristugo of anything even remotely valuable, though thankfully there are no deaths.

1023 BR: The towns of Frostwatch and Harro suddenly go silent. Adventurers sent to investigate the situation report that the inhabitants ofthe towns have been slain and raised as undead abominations.

1011 BR: Armies sent to reclaim the towns investigate the sites of their destruction, reporting the use of forbidden magical arts.

898 BR: An alliance between the Fiends and oft mistrusted Half-Giants is founded. Fiends provide much needed magical assistance to the Half-Giants in return for use of their ships. The Alliance holds, as both half giants and fiends manage to garner a mutual respect of each other’s strengths.

851 BR: Skirmishes between Fiends and Humans in western Aradoth. Tensions rise; the two cultures have a deep-seated hatred of each other, but mediation by the Elves and Helians has prevented outright conflict.

799 BR: A large party of Human adventurers sacks a Fiendish outpost near Four Corners after discovering evidence of necromantic practices at the site. Armies from both sides assemble at Frostwatch and face each other off for two weeks before standing down. The adventurers are executed.

784 BR: Fiends settle the Kirasanct Plateau, where they have found a portal to the Realm of Twilight, Niatha moraven’s realm and a source of great magical energy. The area is inhospitable and difficult to approach on foot. The majority of practicing Fiendish magicians spread across the continent, seeking out ancient ruins and tombs where they can conduct their experiments.

740 BR: Helian and Lunus factions reach an agreement to help preserve their cultures and keep the blood fresh in their dwindling populations. Exchanges of lore and goods are also agreed to.

666 BR: War is declared between Humans and Fiends after border skirmishes reach a boiling point.

663 BR: Human forces sack the abandoned Draconic settlement of Jirakis which was being used as a shelter by Fiends. They take no prisoners.

661 BR: Fiendish forces assemble a large force of undead creatures and march them on Morathaven, laying siege to the city. Human reinforcements and Dwarven mercenares drive off the shambling army, but the necromancers themselves elude them.

659 BR: A second undead wave attack Morathaven but cannot breach the walls.

654 BR: A Human fleet attacks Mahagra, levelling most of the city.

603 BR: A second attack on Mahagra is more selective this time; Vandus Confederation marines land and storm the town, driving off the Fiends present there. Half-Giants declare war the same day. The Humans burn their ships at harbour.

567 BR: A combined Fiend and Half-Giant fleet attacks the towns of Tishlar and Dryart, burning both towns. Many Saris who were present in Dryart immediately enlist in the human armies marching north to reinforce Morathaven.

566 BR: Human and Saris forces meet the Fiends and Half-Giants at Morathaven and fight for a full day before poor positioning and preperation for the arctic conditions force them to retreat. Without its defenders, the city is captured by the Fiends. Anyone who resists is killed on the spot.

545 BR: Human and Fiend fleets meet off the coast of Sslanis; a magically conjured storm badly damages the Human fleet and forces it to retreat, eventually running aground off the coast of the Peak of Storms. Humans make a final stand at the top of the peak, but a Fiendish mercenary puts paid to their resistance. In the process, the Draconic relic of the Sleeper is destroyed. The interactions involved create the turbulent energy plane known as the Rift.

505 BR: Saris spot a Fiendish fleet sailing for Dalimond and intercept it; though the Half-Giant built ships are sturdier, the Saris craft are more manoeuvrable and pick them off piecemeal.

473 BR: A Human army attempts to retake Morathaven, but fails. This is the last major action of the Human-Fiend war.

472 BR: Peace accords are signed between the Humans and the Fiends. Officially the result is status-quo ante bellum, though the Fiends manage to hold onto their gains at Morathaven and Four Corners.

405 BR: The Dragon known as the Entombed Will goes on a killing spree in the hinterlands of Rachival, ambushing Human and Fiend caravans in retribution for the destruction of the Sleeper. He is brought to justice by a force of Helians, who imprison him in statue form on the isle of Draak.

372 BR: Explorers returning from across a distant ocean bring with them a live, captive Gryphon. The creature becomes a popular attraction at the Tazoon Menagerie until its death.

344 BR: The Fiendish Quarter is added to Tazoon, built in the shady southern part of the desert city.

287 BR: Dragons experience a fertile cycle, with many eggs being laid. For the first time in many years the teachers of the Draak academy have much work to occupy them.

254 BR: Antiquated records discovered by chance in the Tower of Clerics lead to the recovery of the Mace of Divine Intervention from a Skulk tribe in the Swamp of Souls.

233 BR: By this time only two knightly orders of the original Civalric Houses remain. The rest have been subsumed into the growing Paladin Order based in the Tower of Healing.

Age of the Sorceror (3,730 BR - 212 BR)

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