Elemental Plane of Air

Name: Elemental Plane of Air

Power: Air and inspiration

Adjacent Realms: Istaria, the Prime, Plane of Water, Plane of Fire

Acessible: By whirwind Vortecies in the Western lands and Seas

A bottomless realm of updrafts, storms, and winds, blowing helter-skelter with little to no order or organization. Strange and wonderously beautiful creatures fly here on wings as powerful as an ospreys or as delicate as gossammer, and cities form and dissipate in clouds of storm winds.
It is ruled by the energetic Yura, who zips around toying with her realm. It is infinite, and varying in temperature, climate, humidity, and weather, as well as light and dark.
It is a fairly hospitable plane for mortals. Despite the lack of ground, flight is possible even for the flightless, though slow, and there are cloudtops and giant floating living creatures to rest on. Food can be found, particularly if one asks one of the inhabitants. Hopefully, they wont eat you first.
Istara’s Notes:
Honestly one of my favorite planes. So full of inspiration and chaos, I resonate so well. It is truly a treat to fly and fly without having to worry about silly things like mountains. And, unlike the Land of Clouds, even flightless mortals can enjoy the pleasure, albeit slowly. This is not, however, the place to go if you hate heights.

Elemental Plane of Air

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