Elemental Plane of Earth

Name: Elemental Plane of Earth

Power: Earth and Steadfastness

Adjacent Realms: Plane of Fire, Plane of Water, the Prime, Istaria

Acessible: via gem-studded caverns and fissures in the Prime

The Elemental Plane of Earth is a complex realm of many-tiered gem-encrusted caverns and tunnels of all materials. Sand and glass crystals can be found scattered in the burrow holes, and fumaroles are a common danger, as is being buried alive. There is no surface, just caverns and earth. Inhabitants of this plane are either burrowing underground creatures or elementals of Earth or Trolls. It is ruled over by the ever-patient Micairn.
Unless one can dig and see in the dark and have plenty of food, as there is little for a mortal to eat on this plane unless they can eat dirt, stones, ions, and gemstones, mortals are gently advised to either not come or go home.
Istara’s Notes:
Another excellent plane to get Raw materials from. Always the highest-quality gemstones and materials for my creations and experiments, and such polite denizens.
Only problem is the digging. Its not really my style, dears, to be so enclosed. I get positively claustrophobic. However, Micairn is courteous enough to help me when I need him to.
All and all, a good plane, but do visit briefly.

Elemental Plane of Earth

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