Elemental Plane of Fire

Name: The Elemental Plane of Fire

Power: Fire and passion

Adjacent Realms: Istaria, the Prime, Plane of Earth, Plane of Air

Acessible: Via portals in Dralk

The plane is a roiling mass of fire and heat. Liquid fire, rock, and metal make up the plane. Fumes of sulphur and hot steam spout out of imposing sharp obsidian fang-like obelisks jutting like crystals from this roiling plane. Things are constantly and volcanically moving and shifting to the firey temper of the plane. Lava and hot glass ground can be found, and there are places that are so hot that they would even torch a dragon.
Islands of glass, metal, and salts can be found floating in the impossibly hot terrain.
Elementals of fire live here, as does the Dragon God, Drulkar and those dragon followers who, in life, served him well. Everything glows with the irrepressible heat of the plane.
It is hostile to most mortals, except for those prepared properly for the plane or for adaptable planar travellers such as the Vielo. Dragons must be prepared for the lack of solid ground, food, water sources, and the heat that is incomprable to anything in the Prime, which seeks to draw out the flames within them… AKA set them on fire.

Istara’s Notes:
Not a bad plane, all told. One of those planes that is EXCELLENT for finding raw materials and for moulding whatever you need to. If you can stand the heat, the primal fury and passion of fire is really quite beautiful. If you cant, well, you’ll be experiencing that firsthand, wont you?
Anyway, its a wild plane that you really should be prepared for. If not, then you should listen to your mother. Or listen to me, since that is pretty much the same thing… only i suppose I have a bit more experience than your mother, countless millenia in fact, and countless children as well. And I say that you should be very very careful when going here. But I also say that the treasures, mysteries and wonders you could find in this shifting tectonic landscape could be well worth it.

Elemental Plane of Fire

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