Elemental Plane of Water

Name: Elemental Plane of Water

Power: Water, Knowledge, cold

Adjacent Realms: Plane of Air, Plane of Earth, Prime, Istaria

Via Fuucan Whirlpools or portals
a realm of water, infinitely deep and dark and infinitely wide and light. All environments are found here on this plane, and all ocean dwelling life finds welcome, be they Prime or Planar. Air Dwellers are welcome but may find it difficult to manage.
Even bottom-dwellers can be found in floating cavernous boulders found at different levels. There is no surface, but there are Air pockets to be found, and many seaweed mats to provide air. Swimming is necessary to travel in this plane, and water breathing is mostly essential. There are waters that mimic a surface environment, and there are waters that mimic the deeps of the ocean. It is in these deep, dark, patient waters that the coldly intelligent ruler of the plane, Fuuca, makes her home.
It is best to avoid her.
Other than the dangers of drowning or being eaten, this plane is safe for mortals who are prepared.
Istara’s Notes:
Fuuca’s plane is very deep and great for thought, in it’s quiet parts at least. It has a strange beauty to it, until you look down into the black deeps. Then you realize that the plane is more symbolic than anything. Water is life, dears. Water is Knowledge, flowing and ebbing and filling. And sometimes, the further you go into it, the more dangerous and terrifying it becomes.
Maybe it is a warning to me, dears, to not explore the universe too deeply and tease out the secrets beyond myself.
But, or course, I won’t be heeding such a silly warning. Off into the depths of the universe I go, and godspeed…
hehehehehehe. Ah, puns.

Elemental Plane of Water

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