Less complicated Rites of Adulthood

The Humans, Fiends, Elves, Half Giants, Saris and Dwarves have rites of adulthood less complicated than that of the dragons or the gnomes, but they do have them, usually a single big event, requiring little pre preparation or ritual.
in order from least to most complcated,
The Fiend’s pilgrimage, the Human recognization (which has several forms), The Half Giant ritual of Strength, the Saris race, the Elven Militia initiation, and the Dwarven ancestral devotion.


In order to be recognized as an adult, a young fiend will take a break from their studies and training and traverse the tundra to the legendary Keep of Niatha, where they will be blessed by the head priest or priestess of the temple. They then return to their homes and continue their training. Its a personal thing, mainly, but it is also a small symbol of their relationship with their goddess.


Humans usually simply have a large party to celebrate the coming of the 13, 15, or 18th year (depending on the family and region) and after that party the human is considered to be an adult with all the responsibilities that go with it. Sometimes this party is a lavish event, sometimes it is simple and pleasant, sometimes it is grim and depressing. But it is a landmark point in their lives.

Half Giant:

Half Giants prove their adulthood through a test of strength. They pit themselves against the strongest half giant in town and begin a wrestling contest not too much different from sumo, in that they push against each other until one leaves the circle. They do not have to win, merely hold their own for at least an hour. If they DO win, then the challenger earns the title of the Strongest.
Anybody may challenge them at any time, and there are no gender restrictions. Win, lose, or draw, the fight is good natured. No punches, no kicks, no trickery. Just force meeting force. Magic is not allowed, so even a Half Giant magic user has to be strong enough to push his way past.
After they achieve this, they are allowed to do Adult things like get married and be respected, since advancement in their jobs or classes is not contingent on this.


Saris consider themselves adults after participating in the great annual race held on Lesser Aradoth, an endurance and speed run around the contident of Lesser Aradoth. Winning is not required, as it is mostly just for fun, but participation is reccommended. Many of the advanced trainers in the Saris militia refuse to train those who did not participate or did poorly due to endurance issues.
Repeat participation is encouraged, as it keeps morale up. other races are rarely, if ever, allowed to participate, and if thy are allowed it is considered a great honor… or dishonor in some ways, since the saris are natural runners and many other races are left far behind.


Elves are considered adults once they complete their mandatory military training, no matter which field of the elvish military they are trained in. Up until then they simply scout, practicing their stealth and observation in the trees of Feladan.


in order to become an adult, a Dwarf must have forged or recieved a high quality weapon- preferably forged by themselves or inherited from a relative. They usually get or make these at their 34th or 35th birthday. they then go to their clan’s hall of ancestors and proclaim, with all proper rituals, their loyalty to the clan and their ancestors and how they will uphold the will of Brobbet. Then they are free to go as a proper member of their clan.

Less complicated Rites of Adulthood

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