The Age of Lamentations (212 BR - 10 AR)

The Age of Lamentations is characterised and almost entirely dominated by the Great War against the Withered Aegis.

The war began at the end of the Age of the Sorcerer. Following the events leading to the expulsion of Necromancers and Blood Magic practitioners from human society, a great many talented magicians found themselves displaced. Though Niatha Moraven’s Deal offered them a new path in the creation of the Fiends, splinter groups of the Executive Office rejected this offer and struck out into the far east. In time they took the name Withered Aegis for themselves, reflecting both pain at their exile and the role they had previously taken in guarding humanity against threats both without and within.

Several decades passed, marking the founding and construction of Kirasanct in which the Withered Aegis were neither seen nor heard of. Indeed, aside from the magical collages picking up the pieces of their excision, the beginning of the Age of Lamentations is entirely unremarkable.

Circa 200 BR: Increase of encounters with Undead in the habited lands. Though this is noted in official records, little notice is paid.

197 BR: Last record of any Trollish activity. Rumors about the obscure species involve returning to their home plane or turning into boulders, and indeed the mountains of Guild Isle suddenly are well-populated with boulders of unusual roundness and ore content. Superstition quickly sets in after miners taking the boulders are found dead and boulders seem to move.

193 BR: Evocationists and sorcerers report turbulence in the Ethereal Skein, making their studies of the Elemental Planes even more difficult than the usual hazards associated with Planar research.

188 BR: Portal systems throughout Istaria begin to malfunction at random intervals. Adjustments are made, though it seems to do little to solve the problem.

187 BR: The 4th Explorator Fleet charting the isles south of Dalimond Peninsula report fierce storms of unusual duration surrounding Bachan. Trade is difficult.

June 186 BR: Planar Travel is now all but impossible. Those mages attempting it go missing.
August 186 BR: The Peak of Storms is evacuated- fierce winds and temporal disturbances, appearing to reflect the plane of the rift, become too strong for even dragons to withstand.
Early October 186 BR: Undead creatures known to prefer darker climes take to the surface, throwing homesteads into panic. They travel east, but scouts sent to investigate never report back.
Late October 186 BR: Dwarven forces in Delgarth send scouts to investigate the destination of the Undead. Their scouts too fail to report. An army is assembled from militia and regular forces.

October 23 186 BR, Midnight: Mages across the continnent are awoken from their sleep by an incredibly powerful and terrible pull of magical energy. Evocation and Planar specialists are hit especially hard; many go insane or die outright. An enormous shockwave sourced somewhere in the Wall Mountains flattens forests and buildings in Old Oaks and is felt as far away as Tazoon itself. The image of Torrin Macalir appears to Saenethra of the Fiends and proposes and alliance. Saenethra rejects. The war has begun.

Early November 186 BR: The Fall of Bachan. The city of Bachan in the Eastern Continent is attacked by a horde of Kwellian that approach almost undetected thanks to the lax guard that prosperity brought the Satyr Confederation. Cut off from teleport gate access and physically isolated by the mountains the city is taken in less than three hours. The entire population is slaughtered and risen as undead. Additionally, the graveyards are plundered and reanimated into yet more troops.
Late November 186 BR: The Dryad city of Palymrya comes under attack from a huge army of Kwellian and Undead. The city’s is breached and partially razed before the Dryad manage to summon enough natural allies and treants to throw the assault back. The city is besieged and cannot call for aid.
December 186 BR: Large numbers of Undead are spotted roaming the foothills of the Wall Mountains by one of the few scouting parties from Delgarth that manages to return. The Dwarven lords dispatch their army to meet them. The army is never seen again.

January 185 BR: The City of Palymrya is again attacked, this time throwing the assaulters back with ease. Taking advantage of the unexpected victory, Dryad forces leave the protection of their walls to try and rout the demons, but are cut down with unnatural magics and re-animated.
February 185 BR: The Hiding of Palymrya. With dwindling forces and no aid in sight, the Council in Palymrya elects to take the last option left to them. Gathering for a great spell, the city is shifted out of the Prime. All Dryad abroad in the world also vanish.
May 185 BR: Getting desperate, the Lords of Delgarth call for reinforcements from Aughundell. No sooner have they arrived then the Undead attack in earnest, falling upon the approaching army and decimating it. The survivors who make it inside of Delgarth’s walls can only watch in horror as their comrades are reanimated and lay siege.
June 185 BR: The Fall of Delgarth. The wells of Delgarth run dry. Disease and death by dehydration encroaching and unable to call for reinforcements, the weakened defenders are overwhelmed by an Undead push.
September 185 BR: News of the encroaching hordes finally reaches the races of Aradoth: Gnomes, Dwarves and Elves all make ready and draw up their plans, but are still unable to cooperate and negotiations fall apart. They keep this revelation secret, lest news of their weakness provoke an opportunist attack against them from the nearby Humans of Dalimond Penninsula.

February 184 BR: The Dragon controlled Isle of Draak begins experiencing portal malfunctions.
May 184 BR: The Fall of Draak. After months of portal glitches and minor malfunctions, the feed cuts dead. Not knowing what this portends, a draconic engineer manages to jury-rig a temporary feed to Dralk just as the attack hits. The Isle’s defences are swept aside by a massive hordee of Undead and Demons. The engineet carries this news to Dralk just in time and manages to cut the connection before Dralk too is invaded. The Lunus gather their forces, but are hampered by cautious use of their portals.
Early June 184 BR: A draconic force finally sets out from Dralk to try and reclaim the Isle of Draak, using the Feledan portal to speed their assault. Skirmishes with the Elves ensue. The force eventually makes its landing on Draak, expecting to find it besieged, but instead find it completely overrun. There are only three survivors. The Lunus army is ambushed as it tries to withdraw and takes heavy casualties. Casualties worsen as their dead join the ranks of their enemies, and the Dralk army is forced to retreat to the confused and terrifying/terrified cries of reanimated hatchling students.

Late June 184 BR: The Human city of Tazoon declares itself an independant state from the Vandus Confederacy. Long isolated from the rest of humanity, the city feels little connection to their ancestral lord. It becomes a free city-state and its first act is to throw open its gates to all races.

Early 185 BR: A Human army from the Vandus Confederation sets out to bring the rebel city of Tazoon back in line. Dalimondian troops meet Tazoonian troops in battle, culminating in a showdown at Spire’s Shadow. Tazoon emerges victorious, solidifying its claim to independance. The city of Tishlar is destroyed in the fighting.
Mid 185 BR: The Dwarves reveal the threat posed by the Withered Aegis to the city of Tazoon. Though rumors has been heard, previously the other bipedal races had been kept in the dark as to the extent of the infestation. The news quickly reaches the Saris, Sslik and Helians.

185-179 BR: The Withered Aegis constructs the Great Barrier in the foothills of the Wall Mountains. This massive system of trenches, earthworks and fortifications is all but impenetrable. Attempts by Dwarves and Elves to harass the constructing are repulsied. Higher in the mountains, the Aegis construct their bastions and magical artifices, riddling the gigantic peaks with focuses of energy and arcane obilisks. They also begin Blighting the landl; infusing it with pathogens and energies from the Realm of Blight which makes the land hazardous to any of the Living Races and corrupts local wildlife to the Aegis’ control. This barrier effectively partitions Aradoth from the Eastern Continent; what was once a dangerous journey at best is now completely impossible.
The Eastern Takai, called by Nyrevin, attempt to strike the Aegis from behind, but are quickly repulsed and killed. It is in this small, largely unknown (By either side) skirmish that it was discovered that Takai cannot be raised or enslaved upon death. As such, they are quickly forgotten. A few survivors use what little planewalking ability they have to join their fallen comrades and Western brethren in the Spirit Realm, where they introduce their kin to a more violent marital art, though there is little use for such things in the realm of the dead. No more news of the Eastern region and Contident is heard, and Aradoth’s already limited contact with the other contidents of Istaria is cut off.

178 BR: A Dwarven army led by Lord Hammerfall attacks the Aegis outpost of Delgarth, trying to reclaim the town. He sends reports of a massive mining operation within the old town’s walls before he and his army are cornered and destroyed by far superior forces.

177 BR: A second Dwarven army led by Lord Shale strikes what seems to be an incomplete section of the Great Barrier in an attempt to halt its construction. His stone-throwers fail to damage the wall and come under fire from Blight Pylons. Abandoning most of their heavy equipment, the army retreats.

177 BR: The Quarantine begins: Planar, Sighted, and other such magic users report a sudden cutting off and muting of the planes from their awareness. Istaran Clerics, as well as a mysterious dream, explains that Istara has cut off most travel to the planes beyond the Prime as a quarantining measure to protect the Divine realms from blight infestation. Magic users quickly, possibly with divine help, learn to adjust to the more difficult access to the planes they draw from. The necromancers manage to maintain their portals, but new portals and portal maintainence to the realm of blight requires a bit more effort than before.

Mid 176 BR: A small fleet of Elven ships set sail from Feledan, trying to circumvent the Great Barrier and land troops behind the fortifications. They manage to circumnavigate Draak and land on the Eastern Continent and gather valuable intelligence about the fate of the Satyr and Dryads.

Late 176 BR: A Gnomian army from Rachival strikes out and attempts to harass the construction of the Great Barrier. Their flying machines and cannons fail to inflict any serious damage and are forced to retreat.

175 BR: After individual efforts fail, the Gnomes, Elves and Dwarves gather together in a great host and march for the Great Barrier. Though initially reluctant to help, the Humans of Dalimond also dispatch a corps of their most powerful spellcasters to assist. Along the way they encounter and defeat an Aegis army and attack the Barrier in force. Though the barrier proves to be nigh indestructable, the combined armies manage to take the parapets in a mighty battle and make their camps along the length of the massive fortifications, believing themselves secure. At night, they come under attack from horriffic Blight Hounds and Ghosts. Taking heavy casualties, they attempt to fall back but are further harassed. Many spellcasters of all the participating races defect to Torrin to spare themselves a grisly fate at the teeth of Blight Hounds.

174 BR: An Aegis force launches a surprise attack on the city of Aughundell. Though poor fighters in the field, the Dwarves are masters of siege warfare, but are unable to repel the Aegis by themselves. Needing neither supplies nor rest, the Aegis box themselves in upon the plateau to make relief efforts all but impossible. Every dwarven defender cut down sewlls their numbers.

170 BR: The Elves continue sending their scouts to monitor the Aegis activity and search for the missing Dryad, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to insert their teams undetected. In desperation they turn to their old arch-nemesis, the Half Giants, who are masters of delivering their warriors to unexpected quaters.

169 BR: Feledan is attacked by a small force of Aegis. The crack Elvish spearmen drive them off with little difficulty.

165 BR: After months of skirmishing, an Aegis force makes its way through the lands north of Tazoon and sets up a forward operating base on the penninsula is the far West. Using arcane energies they hide their presence from the armies hunting them.

164 BR: A combined Gnome-Elvish-Human army manages to lay siege to the Aegis who are in turn laying siege to Aughundell. Under the command of the Gnome Grand Master Engineer Albus Tagley, the Dwarves are relieves and emerge from their mountain fastness for the first time in ten years.

162 BR: Under the command of a traitorous Gnome mage now called Sulthas Boneripper, and Aegis army attacks the city of Rachival. The siege lasts for months; the Gnomes have been hardened by driving off hosts of Undead from their plateau fastness and are well entrenched, but their technology cannot do much to compensate for organic weaknesses. The Undead are driven off eventually by the Gnomes massed artillery fire, but they are critically short of medical supplies and black powder.

Summer 161 BR: The Second Siege of Aughundell. An Undead army twice as large as before fights its way across Aradoth, heavily blighting Selen in the process. An Elven army trying to deliver aid to Rachival meets them near Mithral’s Anvil and is destroyed. The army then lays siege to the Dwarven fastness.
Autumn 161 BR: A huge Aegis fleet sets sail from the Eastern Deadlands, circumnavigates the Dalimond Peninsula and launches a surprise attack on the Satyr Isles. Nearly the entirity of the Satyr race is captured and enthralled; their cities are taken intact.

159 BR: The siege on Aughundell is lifted by three massive armies from Tazoon, Feledan and Selen. Led by the Elvish general Attios, a sustained barrage of artillery, shot and arrows over the course of two weeks weakens the Undead enough to force a retreat. The Dwarven King is accidentally killed by friendly fire; his son is crowned Hadan Ironfist.

146 BR: The Feledan portal begins to malfunction.

144 BR: Though there is success and defeat on both sides, the sheer weight of numbers is beginning to tell on the Living Races. The front line is slowly pushed westwards, through Selen and to the very forests of Feledan itself. Feledan is attacked by a force of some thirty thousand Undead and Demons and manages to hold its lines, but just barely. Other forces burst through the portal, though the portal is located outside of the city walls so the effect is not as devestating as it might have been.

Early 143 BR: Mysterious ships are spotted plying the coast off Western Dralk.
Late 143 BR: The Dalimond portal begins to malfunction.

142 BR: A reletively quiet year, during which the various armies of the living races steel themselves for the inevitable onslaught to come. Albus Tagley of the Gnomes completes the development of the first generation of Automatons and begins field testing. The Fiends finish the construction of Kirasanct.

141 BR: King Hadan of the Dwarves commissions Hadan’s wall. He envisages it to be a system of fortifications to mirror and even rival the Great Barrier, running from the great volcanoes of the Char through to the Granitefall Mountains. Dwarven and Human stonecutters work day and night to supply the required stone. Strangely, the Sslik and Saris also send a contingent to assist. For the first time, the presence of the strange lizard-men amongst other races is welcomed.

140 BR: Taking the advice of a mysterious passing Dragon of unusual size, the Council of Dalimond deactivate and bury their portals. The city now relies upon the nearby Bristugo portals.

134 BR: Strange concentrations of Undead in western Aradoth begin to arouse suspicion when the construction of Hadan’s Wall is completed. The numbers of Undead attacking towns are far higher than they should be with the fortifications in place. The source is traced back to a massive concentration of undead on a remote penninsula in western Aradoth; unearthing the tombs and graves of the Ancient Barasvian Empire, a few lone necromancers have assembles a gigantic army inside of the supposed Safe Zone. The construction of Hadan’s Wall has only served to trap the living Races in with them. A huge army is immediately sent to destroy them, but is thrown back by a well entrenched enemy.

129 BR: Since the construction of the Automatons by Albus Tagley, the Gnomes have enjoyed a significant advantage over the Aegis. As the Undead cannot resurrect or corrupt the mechanical devices, their strategy of attrition are reversed against them. The Gnomes break out of their besieged plateau and push the Undead back to the walls of Delgarth, before their advance grinds to a halt.

128 BR: A second attempt is made to excise the Aegis forces in the Western Deadlands, but is again thrown back. In a sweeping advance, the Undead surround and besiege the Tower of Nature.

111 BR: With Hadan’s Wall constructed, the focus of the war has now shifted west to trying to contain the Aegis of the Western Deadlands. Rather than directly attacking, the Aegis seems content to build ships to harass coastal settlements. The Living races have no immediate answer, as their own ship building industry has sunk into decline since the invention of the Portal network.

101 BR: Aegis forces from the Western Deadlands stage an enormous amphibious landing on the Char. Reacting quickly, the Lunus try to push them back, but are met with hideous constructs- part organic part mechanical which can match even the fierce Dragon warriors in strength and skill. With weight of numbers against then, the Dragons retreat to defending key locations; specifically the few sources of fresh water available in the volcanic landscape surrounding their city.

100 BR: Aegis forces from the Eastern Deadlands, building their numbers over nigh a century, launch the biggest military campaign ever seen. The advancing horde of Aegis reaches Hadan’s Wall. The Aegis have taken time to pillage every battlefield and graveyard in Eastern Aradoth and now stand well above three million strong. The armies of Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans and Elves make their stand upon the wall and fight bitterly for five months before weariness and attrition take their toll. The Wall is eventually breached in three places; the Living races manage to retreat successfully. King Hadan is killed in the fighting and his son, Dralnok Hammerfist succeeds his father as king of the Dwarves.

Early 99 BR: The Gnome siege on Delgarth is lifted, their Automatons either malfunctioning or corrupted against their former masters with foul Blight energies. The Gnomian forces fall back in dissarray.
Mid 99 BR: The Fall of Feledan. The city of Feledan is again attacked by a combined land/naval/aerial force of Aegis. Undead dragons rain poison and explosives on the city day and night, and Aegis sappers dig mines beneath the walls to collapse them. The city is overrun after fierce fighting; the survivors manage to escape by sea. General Attios single-handedly defends the pier as the last ship makes its escape, holding back the wave long barely enough before succumbing.

Late 99 BR: The fall of Rachival. The retreating Gnomish army alerts their citizens, and Gnomish engineers begin to sabotage their own devices as the civilians evacuate. To buy them time, Alvus Tagley takes a batallion of his forces and makes a stand at Vandar. They are joined by a Human army that was protecting Hadan’s Wall under the command of Ryson Stormbringer. As the endless horde of Aegis slaves approach, the two armies make their final stand in the narrow valley, holding out for two days of intense fighting. By the end of it, not a single man lives. Tagley and Ryson are both slain. The majority of the Gnomes manage to escape behind Hadan’s Wall in the time that they bought. The valley would later become known as Last Stand in memory of their heroic sacrifice.

98 BR: The Third Siege of Aughundell. After the disasterous defeat upon Hadan’s Wall, the Living races scatter and scramble desperately for a defensible position. The Gnomes and Elves make for the Dalimond Penninsula, whislt the Dwarves prepare to make their final stand. A force of fully one million Undead lays siege to Aughundell; the Dwarves are believed to have been destroyed.

97 BR: The Living Races are in full retreat. The continent of Aradoth is deemed essentially lost as the armies guarding the Western Deadlands are pushed back and a two-pronged push is made to surround Tazoon- the last free city on the mainland. Most congregate in the Dalimond Peninsula; guarded by many mighty fortresses, a mountain range and the cities of Dalimond and Chiconis, it quickly becomes the last secure region reachable by land.

95 BR: Kirasanct is attacked by a force of Undead. The Fiends are able to easily repel the attack thanks to their knowledge of the undead arts. It is around this time that a strange Fiend woman is spotted locking away Necromantic tomes and lore behind a door deep in the keep that is magically locked and concealed. Attempts to find this woman or this room are met with drastic failure. Necromancy gradually falls out of active use for the Fiends, who continue progress in the other ‘Dark’ arts and the other schools of magic.

Early 94 BR: The battles in the Char continue. Lunus forces manage to score a victory against the Undead by launching a surprise attack on the Western Deadlands, killing several prominent commanders and delaying the now inevitable siege of Tazoon. They take heavy casualties however. Dying dragons rip off their own wings so that their corpses cannot be used to strike from the air.
Mid 94 BR: The Aegis hordes try to attack Dalimond through the narrow moutain pass, but heavy storms and floods force them to retreat after taking damage.

93 BR: Aegis forces again try to attack Dalimond, and are thrown back. A naval contingent also attacks Kion, killing many in the city before being pushed back into the sea by Militia. Attempts to burn it are thwarted by the Saris’ primarily stone architecture.

92 BR: Meeting little success on the southern front, the Aegis instead set about consolidating their gains and blighting the landscape. The forests of Selen and Feledan are corrupted, and isolated pockets of resistance left behind by the Living Races as they retreated are hunted down and crushed. Most of the old towns and cities of the world are destroyed.

Mid 90 BR: Kirasanct is again attacked, this time by a force of Demons. Led by a hideous monster, Valkor the Impaler, the force also features new kinds of Undead that have not been seen before. Having much less knowledge of the Planes, the Fiends this time suffer heavy casualties. Kirasanct is saved by the intervention of Half-Giants to the north, who fear they are soon to be attacked.
Winter 90 BR: Undead reach Tishlar and destroy it. They then try to cross the gulf onto Dalimond Penninsula, but their landing craft are destroyed by artillery fire from Sable Shore.

85 BR: Dragons of the Lunus approach the Humans of Dalimond with an unexpected proposition; if they will contribute ships to stave off the constant landing of Aegis troops in the Char, the Lunus will help to protect Dalimond. The Dalimondians agree. The Saris of Kion learn of the pact and eager for vengeance contribute their own shipwrights.

78 BR: Rebel Half-Giants march into the Char, seeking to take advantage of the beleagured Lunus to raid dragon hoards. They are later found dismembered and mounted upon spikes just outside of Mahgra.

77 BR: A Saris army lands at Tishlar and retakes the town. They proceed to erect fortifications.
Saris Life Magic proves particuarly devestating to the Undead.

75 BR: True to their word, a combined Human-Saris-Gnomian fleet leaves port and attacks the transports delivering Aegis troops into the Char. Saris and Humans land ground forces, hoping to distract the Undead from higher priority targets near Dalimond, but are ill suited to the conditions. The move comes as a complete surprise to the Undead and buys the Lunus much needed breathing space.

76 BR: The Dralk portal begins to malfunction. Remembering the disaster of Draak, the Dragons immediately throw it into an active volcano.

70 BR: A large force of Undead assembles in the captured city of Feledan. Making an amphibious landing actross the Gulf of selen, they try to capture the city of Chiconis. A similtanious attack on Dalimond distracts and divides the Helian Dragons. Spellcasters from Chiconis take to the skies and rain magical attacks down on the beach and many are killed by previously unseen types of Construct, Demon and undead. The fortification Grid surrounding Dalimond is partially breached, and the city itself comes under attack. The two battles rage for many weeks before finally the Helians manage to push their assailants back into the sea. Dalimond is nearly destroyed before reinforcements from the refugee Biped races arrive to assist in its defence.

69 BR: A force of Constructs breaks through the Saris guard at Tishlar and assault the Dalimond Penninsula. Honouring their promise, the Lunus dispatch a contingent of warriors to deal with the threat before it reaches Dalimond.

Spring 68 BR: Ryson Stormbringer’s son, also called Ryson Stormbringer is crowned king of the Humans.
Summer 68 BR: Undead Dragons are moved to the former city of Selen. They conduct night raids on the Dalimond Penninsula, dropping explosives on towns and spreading plagues and poison across the fields on the penninsula. This intensifies the already critical shortage of food and medical supplies. The Gnomes counter by fitting artillery to special mounts that allow it to fire vertically and using sirens to alert citizens of incoming raids.

58 BR: An army of Undead covertly lands near Sable Shore and attacks Dalimond. In the confusion of the night, two armies of humans end up attacking each other. The Undead begin plundering and blighting their way down the Penninsula, sneaking past the fortresss grid before sacking the Observatory. They are immediately besieged.

Winter 55 BR: The fortress of Harton Valley is bombarded by a regiment of Aegis artillery and collapses, killing its entire garrison. With the final line of defence gone, there seems little that the Living Races can do to stave off an attack on Tazoon any longer.

54 BR: Ryson Stormbringer sends out envoys to the leaders of all the races. In secret they meet in Tazoon.

53 BR: First Siege of Tazoon. The siege is brief and bloody; the actual attack on the city itself was limited, as the city had been given every manner of magican and mundane protection available. Dragon, Saris and Free Satyr ambushers lurk in the desert dunes and canyons, attacking any Aegis convoys carrying artillery. A lucky shot from a Gnomian musketeer kills the Necromancer commanding the expedition. Lacking direction or a way to breach the walls of the city, Human and Elven archers and mages tear the besieging army to shreds.

52 BR: Second Siege of Tazoon. The siege turns out much like the first, with the Undead army crashing against the walls of the city like water upon stones.

Spring 49 BR: First Battle of Mahagra. The Half-Giants long awaited attack arrives in the form of an Aegis fleet arriving unexpectedly from their homeland of Tralendar. The engagement is a naval one; lacking much in the way of artillery or means to destroy the encroaching fleet, the Half-Giant instead board and take control of Aegis ships, ramming them into each other and then sending fireships in to finish the job.
Summer 49 BR: Second Battle of Mahagra. Undead remnants of the first fleet have spent the season traversing the sea floor, and walk out upon the beach in force. Berserkers and guards from the city cut them down as they emerge from the waves.

47 BR: A Half-Giant army marching to re-inforce Kirasanct is ambushed and destroyed in the mountain passes by Valkor the Impaler, who is still at large.

42 BR: An Aegis force lands on Lesser Aradoth in force. It is several months before they are discovered; in that time they take control of a dorman volcano above the Saris city of Parsinia and fortify it. A Sslik army is dispatched to deal with the threat, but is forced back.

37 BR: OPERATION THUNDERSTRUCK. A gigantic Saris, Sslik and Human fleet supported by Helian Dragons launches a combined attack on the Satyr Isles, seeking to liberate the ensorcelled Satyr race from its long bondage. The operation is initially successful; the Isles of Dahibi and Corvus are rapidly assaulted, and the foul machines keeping the Satyr enslaved are destroyed. The Living Rages meet stiff resistance on Alged and Elenath however, mostly due to a lack of maps of the isles. The Aegis order the remaining enslaved Satyr to suicide and raise them as undead, preventing their liberation. The Living Races retreat with around fifty thousand liberated Satyr.

Early Winter 34 BR: A Fiendish army launches an attack on Rachival, seeking to obtain any knowledge or artifacts that the Gnomes left behind during their hasty retreat. After rappelling down the cliff face, the army encounters minimal resistance from Undead, but is quickly surrounded by Automatons and cut to pieces.
Winter 34 BR: The Fiendish army taking part in the botched raid on Rachival returns home and immediately starts massacaring the families gathered at the gates to welcome them; the Fiends had been raised as Zombies and the cold had prevented decomposition. Taking the corpses of those they killed, they retreat deep into the ice wastes.

30 BR: Crack teams Sslik commandos are dropped at covert locations along the Aradoth coast. From there they proceed to scout and gather intelligence on those lands and parties controlled by the undead. They also have a more profound assignment; the retrieval of certain key artifacts.

29 BR: Sulthas Boneripper, mastermind behind the destruction of Rachival, is assassinated by a team of Sslik commandos.

26 BR: Inserted deep behind enemy lines by Lunus Dragons, a combined team of Saris, Elven and Human scouts launch a surprise attack on the city of Delgarth. They return to Tazoon under cover of deep secrey.

25 BR: A combined force of Saris, Half-Giant and human forces launch an attack on the Northern Deadlands. The attack is joined by both Lunus and Helian Dragons. At the same time, A group of Fiendish sorcerers is inserted covertly into deep Trnlandar. They return in deep secrecy.

24 BR: Third Battle of Dalimond (Second Battle of Chiconis). In response to heavily increased raiding by the Living Races, a force of Constructs and Demons is dispatched to attack the guard of Dalimond Penninsula. Despite heavy resistance, the Living Races are unable to prevent at least a small portion of the army penetrating into the plains. Ryson Stormbringer and Semeneth lead their armies personally in defence of their homes. After heavy fighting the Aegis forces are all destroyed.

23 BR: Fourth Battle of Dalimond. A second army in as many seasons makes its way through the narrow pass, this time led by a fearsome Kwellian named Gigaroth. In the fighting that ensues the human fortress grid proves its worth, harassing the Aegis at every turn. Bitter fighting ensues; bolstered by their leader the Kwellians are adept tacticians and skilled warriors. For a year they run rampant across the breadth of the Penninsula before finally being brought to battle by the combined armies of the Humans, Helian, Gnomes and Satyr. After three days of battle, his army is dead but Gigaroth endures. It takes five ancient dragons to finally bring him down, with Stormbringer himself delivering the final blow.

Autumn 22 BR: Third Battle of Mahagra. After laying low for over ten years, the undea army of Fiends launches an attack on the settlements outlying Mahagra, kiling many Half-giants before news of the attack even reaches the city. They are forced to retreat after facing the Half-Giant’s superior reach and strength, but take the corpses of the murdered with them.
Winter 22 BR: Third Battle of Tazoon. An army of Kwellian are dropped into the city from the back of Undead Dragons. They wreak havoc throughout the trade and barracks districts, eventually breaking out of the city with a great deal of looted intelligence and vanishing into the desert.

19 BR: Ryson Stormbringer takes an army and combs the ruins of ancient Barasavus, deep in the Tazoon Deserts. What he seeks is a highly classified secret. (CoR →)

18 BR: Fourth Battle of Tazoon. The Aegis covertly move an army into the desert, combined with an aerial attack by Kwellian as three years before. The Kwellian succeed in killing many of the guards and opening the city gates, but are greeted by the full force of the Mage’s College Council that was having a meeting in the city at the time. For several month after, oderous black ash coats every flat surface in the city.

15 BR: Fifth Battle of Tazoon. Another attmpt to drop Kwellian into the city, though this time Gnomish artillery manages to shoot down their Dragon mounts before arrival. Some of the Kwellians survive the crash and are shot on the sands outside the city. the Undead army approaching from the north to back them up is destroyed in the shadow of the city’s walls.

10 BR: Ryson Stormbringer announces that the defence of Tazoon will be prioritised above the defence of any other city, including Dalimond. Several of the messengers he dispatched to deliver covert missives surrounding this announcement to his allies are intercepted by the Withered Aegis.

11 BR: The largest mobilisation of Aegis forces since the destruction of Rachival begins.

8 BR: The Withered Aegis deploy somewhere in the region of seven million troops to the plains south of Aughundell. The Living Races are able to muster less than one million. Many prophesise that the doom their fortifications had prolonged is now upon them; Stormbringer’s Generals openly question his competence.

5 BR: The battle is joined in the wastes of the Tazoon desert. A campaign over a significant area, the Living Races contest many ruins and ancient fortifications that ancient Humans once used to fight the Dragons. Though the Living Races have the advantage in terrain, the weight of numbers is decidedly against them. Lack of food and water worsen their situation. Races which once fought to the death against one another now fight and die side by side.

3 BR: The battle progresses badly. One by one the strongpoints held by the Living Races are over-run. Heroes arise in all races during this time, though few of them live to see the final confrontation. Eventually the casualty rate becomes unsustainable; the Living Races pull all of their forces back inside the City of Tazoon. They are rapidly besieged, with no way in or out and supplied only be Portal. Disease and starvation run rampant. Unable to survive solely on preserved fruit or grain, Dragons and Sslik resort to cannibalising their fallen.

1 BR: The Tazoon portal begins to malfunction.

0 AR: The Ritual of Life Everlasting. Sixth Battle of Tazoon

The Turning of the Tide.

Fully aware that the Aegis would use their own portal to invade but unable to deactivate it without starving, the remainder of the Living Race’s armies awaited the inevitable. It came on the 1st of February of the year that would become known as 1 AR. Despite the wards placed upon it, the Tazoon portal jumped to life. Almost instantly Blight Hounds, Kwelians and Undead monstrosities bounded through, tearing through the starving and exhausted defenders with wild abandon. Ryson Stormbringer stood at the fore of the defence; putting himself in harms way he inspired his troops to rally around him. When its bearer was cut down he personally took up the standard of the Living Races; a crude thing, just an old curtain inscribed with charcoal symbols, but it held an indescribable meaning for every man and woman who had fought beneath it.

Their resolve lifted, the shieldwall of the Living was strong. Try as they might the vicious Kwellian berserks could not break it. So tight were their ranks that men slain had no space to fall and gave the appearance that they fought on even in death. Showers of arrows and spells elicited screams from the desperate defenders, and at times the very bravest would break ranks to fight a duel of their own, only to be swiftly beaten down. The battle wore on deep into the night, the only illumination over the pressed ranks the flash of magical destruction and the fires of war, until at least when the sun came up they still stood.

Too late the Aegis realised their folly. The dead of the Living did not simply appear to be fighting on… they WERE fighting on. The men standing dead in the shieldwall, pierced with arrows or blades just moments before struck back at their killers with sword, axe and spear. The men who ran out to attack and were killed were soon back to make a second attempt. The cries tinted through gloating ears now sounded more like wild roars of exultation from the bestial races. Hidden by the darkness of night, the bodies of slain Kwellians and Blight Hounds had piled high before the defenders, yet none of their own were counted amongst the gristly toll.

In panic, the Generals and Necromancers of the Aegis pressed their attack even stronger; the walls and gates of Tazoon buckled and burst beneath the endless tides of Undead that assailed them. Powerful magics were tried, only to be thrown back at their wielders. As the day ground onwards even the Undead could accomplish little save to choke the streets with their own rotting corpses.

Withdrawing, Torrin Macalir pulled his forces back to a tall mesa just ourside the city. Caught completely on the back foot and with many of his most trusted liutenants banished forever from the Prime, he called for his allies to retreat from the city and prepared to make good his own escape, but Ryson Stormbringer found him there and prepared to exact justice.

The two fought for almost three hours; the whole battlefield stood still to watch the exchance as swords met and spells of cataclysmic power were traded back andforth, neither seeming to have the advantage over the other. Seeing the contest undecided, Torrin once again made to flee, cutting open a portal into the Realm of Blight into which he might escape, but as he stepped through it Ryson dived at him. Sword in hand, he drove it through Macalir’s breast, and in that instant the mesa upon which they had battled vanished in a blinding flash of light, leaving behind only a blighted crater forevermore to be avoided by all things both Living and Undead.

1 AR: The signing of the Great Peace Accords, Salvation of Aughundell and formation of the Empire. In the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Tazoon the Aegis forces were confused by their loss of leadership. Disorganised, most of them retreated eastwards seeking more secure ground in the city of Feledan. As they did so, a large force of Gnomes, Humans and Dragons of all affiliations rode out from Dalimond and met them at the Aughundell Battlefield. Hearing the exultant cries of the Living, the Dwarves of Aughundell fought their way out, breaking the siege as it faltered in confusion; they had remained safe in caverns deep beneath the earth after their city fell. In the now ruined city of Tazoon, each of the races gathered and presented their leaders. In unanimous agreement, it was decided that so long as the threat of the Withered Aegis endured the Living Races would put aside their historical animosity and work towards the common goal of eradicating their tormentors.

2 AR: Purging of the Plains. In the wake of their staggering victory at the final Battle of Tazoon and the formation of the alliance, the Living races chased the retreating Undead across the lowlands of Aradoth eradicating their strongholds as they went. With the addition of the effectively immortal Gifted to their ranks, the Living Races finally had a counter to the Undead. Nevertheless, the Aegis are still a force to be reckoned with. Felesan is attacked, but proves unassailable. Rachival is also attacked, but the Living Races are thrown back.

Spring 3 AR: A second attempt to reclaim Feledan is made by the Elvish armies and their Gifted. This attempt is more successful, and the Undead are driven from the city, though they still infest the woods at its borders. A second attempt to reclaim Rachival goes less well; the Living Races learn the hard way that the Gift is not a universal blessing and take many casualties.
Summer 3 AR: A major battle is fought at Last Stand as the Aegis retreat further into the Aradoth Frontier. The scene of the Living Race’s greatest tragedy becomes one of their greatest victories as Human, Saris and Satyr armies surround a large portion of the fleeing Aegis and slaughter over a million of them.
Autumn 3 AR: Sslic and Saris engineers arrive at Tazoon to begin the rebuilding of the city. Surviving Gifted are pulled from beneath collapsed buildings and sewers even years later. A Human fleet from Dalimond sails to the Satyr isles and assesses the feasability of re-taking them, but discovers they are far too heavily fortified to make a landing feasable.
Winter 2 AR: With no one to tend them, harvests in Dalimond Penninsula go unattended. What little food there is goes to the army. Many civilians resort to foraging to survive the winter.

4 AR: The Army of Living Races pursuing the Undead grinds to a halt before the Great Barrier, which remains just as impregnable as it was a century ago. Concentrating their attacks, the Living Races raze a major Aegis outpost at Harro and build their own fortifications there to keep watch on the Undead.

5 AR: The Dryad race return to Istaria, responding to some unknown summons. Their Druidic magics prove utterly inavluable, curing the land of Blight, disease and aiding the growth of crops and breeding of livestock in the devestated landscape.

6 AR: The Living Races launch a major offensive on the Western Deadlands, but despite the assistance of the Gifted are unable to overcome its defenders.

8 AR: Though pockets of resistance remain, the land is slowly being reclaimed. Without the Aegis presence, it seems as though the world itself is ridding itself of the otherworldly taint. Dwarves begin rebuilding Hadan’s Wall. Dragons return to the Peak of Storms for the first time in centuries.

9 AR: Enormous crews of Saris and Sslik are at work in the lands, rebuilding the damage that was done. Both races emerged from the war comparatively unscathed and soon become major manufacturing powers. Gnomian engineers found New Rachival in the Tazoon Desert, resigning themselves to exile from their homeland. The new city is based around an improved portal design that is immune to Aegis tampering attempts.

10 AR: Accords of the Gifted. To account for a crippling lack of manpower for minor operations, the Gifted are given special rights under Imperial Law which allow them to ignore national bounderies in the pursuit of their missions. Provision is also established for mercenary companies that operate seperately from the Imperial Army. Many law reforms occour in this year, including very harsh punishments for people convicted of banditry or inciting racial hatred. The Imperial Army and Navy are founded, rolling into a cohesive and standardised force the many seperate armies that the Living Races had raised to defend themselves.

The Age of Lamentations (212 BR - 10 AR)

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