The Prime

Name: The Prime, The Material World, the Shards of the Prime

Power: Reality, Mortals

Adjacent Realms: Istara’s field, the Spirit Realm, The Rift, the Elemental Planes, the Dreamveil

Acessible: NA

The Prime is the world that mortals exist in. Spherical and Finite, it is governed by the logical rules of physics and science and by the reality-shaping rules of magic. Life grows, ebbs, and dies here in an endless cycle. It is what was created.
The world contains a variety of climates and environments, governed by the rules of meterology and such. It orbits around the sun once every 365 day-lengths of 24 hours.
The advent of the Gift caused a bizzare thing to happen to the Reality of the Prime… It split into many mostly-identical realities, each containing a unique populace unaware of the shattering. They continued in this unaware state until the Vielo, who were able to planeswalk between the shards at will, orchestrated a multireality fusion to provide the living races with the advantage they would need. Though the Novo effort was focused on Aradoth, the other living nations of the fragmented worlds were also orchestrated into this effort.
The incorporation of many populations at once swelled the living races ranks and they were able to push the undead back into the stalemate.
However, nobody was told that the fusion was not complete. The shards of the prime had fused from many into three, virtually identical save for slight differences. People often swap prime-realities without noticing, though they may feel disoriented and have deja-vu. This is because they are in such synchrony with each other.
Keeping the planes of the Prime as three instead of one is a way to stagger the chances of a sucessful war against the aegis, and to provide a second wind, should one be needed.
Obviously, this realm is hospitable to all mortals and immortals, though many immortals are prevented from free passage by the Chains of Vikin.

Istara’s Notes:
It may be just because I created it, but the prime is, to me, a masterpiece of Art and Science. I love it. I love seeing it grow and evolve. I love seeing life thrive on it, and mature and learn.
An ever changing tapestry and mosaic.
Why did I make it? The same reason I make anything. Because I can. If there is a darker motive or controlling force that inspired me to create it, very well. I will find that answer someday. But nonetheless, is it not a beautiful place? Remarkable.
It gladdens me even to look on it. All you little mortals, but children to me, playing on your endless living playground. One day, will you grow up and leave it behind? Will you rend it’s flesh and strip it of all of it’s beauty and hope? Will you seek enlightenment and trancend materiality, and in turn evolve it into a trancended plane of its own?
I have given you to it and it to you… and I enjoy watching how you and it interact with each other.
if only I could walk it again, or better yet, fly it. Walk it, fly it, swim it, while teaching you it’s ways.
Oh how I long to do so…

Blast that twit of a son.

The Prime

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